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Monday, 04 December 2017 06:17

Daily Scoop, Week of 12/4/17

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Today is Friday, December 8th- It IS - Lost & Found Day, Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day, National Brownie Day

Happy Birthday to Sam Hunt- 33

Sashi Brown fired from the Cleveland Browns. John Dorsey in. Hue Jackson to stay.

Jump on 76 East because a truck carrying Tito’s vodka overturned yesterday in PA, boxes Tito's all over the highway.

The new Jurassic World movie plot line is us saving the Dino's from a volcano erupting on the island.

Ryan Reynolds to star in a new live-action Pokemon movie. 


Moon Land for sale – $29 per acre.

Taco Bell is adding 20 items to their $1 menu next year.

The "peak hanger" time for Americans is Monday at 2:15 p.m.

The hair color of the year for 2017? Ultra Violet.

A new survey asked would you rather give up social media or have your student debt erased- social media won!


Today is Thursday, December 7th- It IS - Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Aviation Day, Cotton Candy Day

Rock Hall Voting - Bon Jovi #1 - The Moody Blues and Dire Straits came in second and third.

Matt Lauer’s wife is going to give him the Heave-Ho!

If you wear your cheesiest sweater to Chipote this coming Tuesday, you'll get FREE QUESO on your order. 

Pizza Hut is testing wine and beer delivery in test markets.

You'll be able to buy Cheesecake Factory flavored coffee creamer early next year!

Another popular game for the kids this Christmas- Gooey Louie. You win by picking Louie's boogers!

About 20% of us worry a lot about how to afford Christmas this year.

Top Dog Names 2017 MALE - Max, Charlie, Cooper FEMALE - Bella, Lacey, Daisy.


Today is Wednesday, December 6th- It IS - St. Nicholas Day, Microwave Oven Day

Russia BANNED from 2018 Olympics! Doping!

Time will announce its Person of the Year this morning.

Today show ratings far higher since Matt Lauer got the boot!

McDonald's is bringing back the Dollar Menu after a 5 year absence.

Business is so good, Swensons may be headed to Columbus!

Big trend this year- Christmas Tree Hair- dying your hair green, adding ornaments and actually making your hair look like a tree!

The Mystery Oreo flavor is Fruity Peebles.


Today is Tuesday, December 5th- It IS - Bathtub Party Day, Ninja Day, Comfort Food Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreos are coming soon.

House of Cards season 6 will continue with Robin Wright as the focal point.

Prince Harry asked his brother Prince William to be his best man.

Taco Bell now testing a French Fry Stuffed Burrito.

Making Holiday Travel Plans? Get up early, flights before 7am are seldom late, and are the most reliable.

A new study finally revealed that dogs are smarter than cats.

Office Christmas parties are at an all time low this year, because of the possible harassment problem. And many will be boozed free...

Want to remember something? Read it aloud!


Today is Monday, December 4th- It IS - Sock Day, Dice Day, National Cookie Day

Ohio State to play USC in the Cotton Bowl on Friday, December 29th.

Stranger Things has officially been renewed for a 3rd season!

The Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo and hubby, Larry are divorcing after 28 years. AND - Anna Faris, Chris Pratt have filed for divorce.

Matt Lauer is unlikely to receive that $30 million payout from NBC.

Beyonce changes her e-mail address weekly.

Cinnabon is now stuffing its cinnamon rolls inside chocolate chip cookies!

SnapChat is getting a new look to help compete with Facebook and Instagram.

Toilet Trouble is new for kids this Christmas. You spin to see who many flushes you make on a mini toilet and the loser gets sprayed in the face with water.

New invention, The Vocktail- a glass that changes the taste of water to whatever you want it to taste like- wine, vodka, scotch...

Want to make people like you right away? Nod when they're talking.

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