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Monday, 19 June 2017 06:16

Daily Scoop, Week of 6/19/17

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Today is Friday, June 23rd- It IS – Country Fest 2017 Day 2, National Pink Day, Pink Flamingo Day (Lawn Ornaments), Take Your Dog To Work Day, Eat At A Food Truck Day

American League Champs Tribe – (39-32) – (won 6-3) Twins in town tonight

Luigi's in Akron IS NOT closing despite a social media misunderstanding! The Luigi's in Scotland however, is closing.

Next weekend is the 4th of July and it will be the most traveled 4th of July holiday EVER! 45 million making a trip of 50 miles or more!

Ron Howard is taking over as director for the Han Solo Star Wars movie.

A cosmetic company is now making Wine Deodorant in 3 scents- Rose, Sangria and Mimosa.

Most psychopaths drink their coffee black!

These days it’s all about “She Sheds.” Women are turning backyard sheds into places they can read, write, draw, sew, meditate, or just sit and sip champagne.

We eat 140,000 pieces of bugs a year! Most of it ingested by coffee, chocolate and beer- also some in your sleep!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, even better than we think. GREAT for memory in all ways!

We now prefer fast food style restaurants, in general, as opposed to eating at full-service restaurants. 


Today is Thursday, June 22nd- It IS - COUNTRYFEST 2017, Stupid Guy Thing Day, Onion Ring Day

American League Champs Tribe – (38-32) – (won 5-1) 1 with the Orioles left

George Clooney just made a BILLION dollars by selling his tequila business!

Kim and Kayne have hired a surrogate to carry their third child.

Courteney Cox says she regrets her numerous cosmetic procedures.

There is a Downton Abby movie in the works...

For the first time a Star Wars movie will be on Netflix – Star Wars Rogue One next month!

The Price is Right has been renewed for 2 more years!

Nutritionists say there's no evidence that eating cheese everyday makes you gain weight - moderation…

Steven Hawking said yesterday that we need to leave the Earth in the next 500 years to survive.

According to a new study, marriage makes men fat. Single guys - end up exercising more and eating healthier food.

45% of Americans say the can't afford a summer vacation.

The new GONG SHOW debuts tonight on ABC!


Today is Wednesday, June 21st- It IS - Summer Solstice: Summer starts today! Daylight Appreciation Day, Tall Girl Appreciation Day, National Selfie Day

American League Champs Tribe – (37-32) – (Lost 6-5) 2 With the Orioles, 2 more games.

You can buy Kim Kardashian's new make-up line as of today - they say it is going to sell out in mere minutes and will net her $14 million!

Word is, Johnny Depp has $2 million dollars worth of bills each month.

You can go see the new Transformers movie today. All $260 million of it!

There's a story that Gal Gadot's deal was only $300,000 base pay for Wonder Woman.

Soleil Moon Frye is ready for a Punky Brewster reboot!

Mattel has 15 new looks for Barbie’s boyfriend Ken, - three body types - a variety of skin tones and man buns! Ken also comes in polka-dotted tees and hipster glasses. (first major update in 56 years.)

Carrie Underwood got college credit for the time she spent on American Idol.

Your happiness at work, is dependent on your boss and your feelings about them.

Uber is adding an option for user to tip within the app starting in July.


Today is Tuesday, June 20th- It IS - Hike With A Geek Day, American Eagle Day, Vanilla Milk Shake Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

American League Champs Tribe – (37-31) – (WON 12-0) 3 with the Orioles left.

The Tox Screen on Carrie Fisher is back, and lots of drugs were in her system at the time of her death- Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy...

Word is that the New American Idol wants Lionel Ritchie as a judge!

Jay Z has officially added a hyphen to his name Jay-Z.

Megyn Kelley’s show is off to a rough start, her latest show was crushed by 60 Minutes and a re-run of America’s Funniest Videos!

The American Heart Association is now saying coconut oil is not healthy- is just fat.

Some people have started using Coca Cola as a self tanner, and it seems to work!

 By far the germiest thing on an airplane is the tray table!

There's Cupcake ATMs and Pizza ATMs, now there are Beer ATMs!

The new trend in body art is to get tattoos on your armpits.


Today is Monday, June 19th- It IS - Garfield the Cat Day, National Kissing Day, National Martini Day

American League Champs Tribe – (36-31) – Swept the Twins, now 4 with the Orioles

Beyonce had her twins…

Amazon wants to buy Whole Foods for $13.7 billion!

Carrie Underwood’s hockey playing husband Mike Fisher may retire - he's played 17 NHL seasons

Box Office: Cars 3 – 53 million – BUT - Wonder Woman brings in another 40 million!

Wonder Woman - Gal Gadot says she would rather have chicken wings over nachos any day!

Michael Phelps to race a great white shark during Shark Week. - Last Week in July.

Word is Ryan Seascrest is going to get about 12 million a year to host the new American Idol.

A Golden Girls reboot is possible with an all male cast called - Silver Foxes...

Walnuts every day can suppress hunger - like a lot!

Burger King is giving us the Lucky Charms Milk Shake!

North America uses more paper towels than any other area of the world!

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