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Monday, 12 June 2017 06:16

Daily Scoop, Week of 6/12/17

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Today is Friday, June 16th- It IS – Fresh Veggies Day

American League Champs Tribe – (32-31) – Beat the Dodgers yesterday, on to 4 with the Twins!

Phil Mickelson is 47 today…The US Open (golf) is going on in Wisconsin

The original Most Interesting Man in the World is now doing tequila ads.

Aisha Tyler is leaving The Talk, after being promoted to a series regular on Criminal Minds.

81% surveyed says that Mother’s Day completely outshines Father’s Day…

“Experts” say that if dad was more vocal about what he wants for Father’s Day, we would be more active in the holiday!

We’ll be spending an average of $134 on dad, up from $125 last year.

There is now a tanning pill for the pale-skinned!

Happy people get an average of 7.1 hours of sleep every night.


Today is Thursday, June 15th- It IS - Worldwide Day of Giving, Nurse Assistant’s Day, Recess At Work Day, Lobster Day!

American League Champs Tribe – (31-31) – Lost again. One more with Dodgers! Then back on the road!

Boxing champ Floyd Maywhether and MMA star Colin McGregor will fight August 26th.

Fans and those on the interwebs are speculating that Beyonce already had her twins!

THEY say - you should never take a bath in your hotel bathtub- you a basically soaking in bacteria and chemicals.

Father's Day is the busiest day for collect calls.

The Museum of Failure - To open in Sweden. Things you can see are like green ketchup and frozen lasagna made by Colgate!

The new iPhone will have wireless charging!

The last thing 90% of us do before we go to sleep is - Check our phone!

This summer, you can maybe get a job at McDonald’s! Hiring 250,000 employees – and finding those employees on Snapchat.


Today is Tuesday, June 13th- It IS - Call Your Doctor Day, Pet Memorial Day, Cupcake Lovers Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Cavaliers – season is over – Warriors won 129-120

Khloe Kardashian says Tristian Thompson is ready to start a family with her right now.

Tiger Woods is headed back to rehab following his DUI arrest.

You can audition for American Idol in one of 19 cities. The closest for us- Pittsburgh on September 3rd.

P. Diddy is the world’s highest paid celebrity this year, Beyonce #2

New wine Popsicles are all the rage for summer!

Chocolate is our favorite ice cream flavor in America.

The Hairy Chest swimsuit for women is trending!

Dad is 4th on the greeting card list. It goes Mother’s Day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Experts say, if your breath stinks, you should eat less meat.


Today is Monday, June 12th- It IS - Making Life Beautiful Day, Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Happy Birthday to Chris Young- 32

World Champion Cavaliers – (1-3) Game 5– TONIGHT! 

Pittsburgh beat Nashville 2-0 to win the Stanley Cup.

There was a winner of the 448 Million Power Ball this weekend! (Lump Sum was 274 million) (Winner in California)

Wonder Woman beat Tom Cruise's Mummy at the box office 58 Million to about 32 million ( Wonder Woman has grossed 205 MILLION so far, budget was 147 Million)

Glad all are fine, but a plane Jennifer Lawrence was riding this weekend had DOUBLE ENGINE FAILURE – but managed to land safely.

Katy Perry says John Mayer was her best ex she ever had.

Charles Barkley says he's disappearing to a “Fat Farm in Texas.”

Popeyes introducing Chicken tenders - deep fried in shortbread cookie batter.

McDonald's is introducing the Oreo Cone in some test markets!

A new study finds, that being funny makes you 75% more attractive to the opposite sex.

Most women apply deodorant more than twice a day!

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