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Sunday, 30 April 2017 22:14

Daily Scoop, Week of 5/1/17

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Today is Friday, May 5th- It IS – Cinco de Mayo, Enchilada Day, Tuba Day, Revenge of the Fifth

Happy Birthday – Adele 29 / Henry Cavill 34

Cavaliers – Game three tonight in Toronto! Tribe- in Kansas City today.

The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday! (Classic Empire and Always Dreaming are the two early favorites) There is a horse named Patch in the Kentucky Derby this year – he has one eye!

Kid Rock added to the Concert for Legends at the Pro Football HOF.

American Idol appears to be headed to ABC in 2018.

HBO is developing 4 Game of Thrones spinoff series!

Steven Hawking says the Earth only has 100 years left.

Red Lobster - limited-edition Cheddar Bay Biscuits lip balm.

Albuquerque Zoo has three pregnant giraffes – from the same male!

Because of all the political talk about 25% of workers say the office is now a stressed environment

Apparently most store mannequins are underweight.

We will spend about 27 billion on Mother’s Day this year!


Today is Thursday, May 4th- It IS - May the 4th Be With You, World Password Day, Bird Day, Hoagie Day

World Champion Cavaliers – WON BIG, Game 3 Friday in Toronto, lead series 2-0! Tribe- WON 3-2, Detroit again this afternoon!

The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday!

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 opens this week, The usual cast AND Kurt Russell and Sly Stallone! Also, Miley Cyrus and David Hasselhoff!

Brad Pitt says his drinking was a problem in his marriage to Angelina Jolie.

A man from NYC whose friend loved baseball has been flushing his ashes down ballpark toilets, including Progressive Field.

A new trend in weddings on the west coast- to rent llamas for your wedding...

New survey says that the smell of pizza really does make you happy.

Americans spend about 12 hours a day consuming media of some kind!


Today is Wednesday, May 3rd- It IS - Great American Grump Out, Lumpy Rug Day

Happy Birthday – Eric Church 40

Cavs- back at it tonight with Toronto, Tribe- lost again in Detroit

Nevada was voted the “most fun” state for 2017!

Reportedly Hailee Steinfeld is dating Justin Bieber…

On May 4th, TBS will air 6 straight Star Wars movies.

Naked Chicken Chips are coming to Taco Bell May 11th- the first chip made entirely out of fried chicken! 

As you get older the hangovers get worse - a lot worse.

New prom trend is to wear your mom’s vintage dress to prom!

On average, it takes you months to start thinking of a new place - as home!


Today is Tuesday, May 2nd- It IS - National Teacher Day, Rule of Order Day, Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Happy Birthday – The Rock 45

Cavs- WON, Tribe- lost…

Megyn Kelly's new show will go head to head with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest starting in September.

April the Giraffe's calf finally has a name- Tajiri.

Fox has cancelled the baseball drama Pitch after one season.

10% of Americans have had - relations at the Airport!

You can now make reservations to spend the night in the A Christmas Story house! $495 a night in June - $1,995 in December!

It has been found that 38% of women make more money than their husbands - but most are - not ok - with out earning them!

77% of high schoolers do not like their lunch.

Pickle Juice Soda is now a thing! Kind of a big dill!

10 minutes of meditation every day will not only reduce anxiety, but will make you more focused and productive.


Today is Monday, May 1st- It IS – Batman Day, Stepmom’s Day, May is National Egg Month!

Happy Birthday – Tim McGraw 50

World Champion Cavaliers – Raptors in town - 7PM, American League Champs Tribe – (14-10) (WON, took the series with Seattle) 10 Game Roadie in Detroit, Kansas City, Toronto

NASCAR – (Winner) - Joey Lagano (He started 37th) Geico 400 at Talledega.

A hacker claims to have released new episodes of the Orange Is The New Black from Netflix.

Roseanne to get an 8 episode reboot. ABC and Netflix in a bidding war. 

Gong Show rebooting – Mike Myers is the host, but not as Mike Myers but as - Tommy Maitland

Kelly Ripa will announce her new co-host today…

If guys drink together 2 times a week, they are healthier and happier.

The average American woman is now between the sizes 16 and 18.

Hershey Bars - coming in Cheesecake or BBQ flavor…

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