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Monday, 10 April 2017 06:16

Daily Scoop, Week of 4/10/17

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Today is Friday, April 14th- It IS - Moment of Laughter Day, Record Store Day, Pecan Day

World Champion Cavaliers – Playoffs – Pacers here tomorrow

A record amount of us are watching the Tribe on local TV. More than ever - EVER!

Shania will be on The Voice - as a key advisor on April 24th.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have filed for divorce...again.

A scorpion stung a passenger that fell out of an overhead bin yesterday - on a United flight.

Ham Hotline - Kentucky Legends Ham - Easter Sunday from 9 to 7, 1-866-343-5058 to get answers

We will spend more money on Easter candy than Valentine’s Day Candy.

For some reason again, Americans buy more than $700 million Peeps during Easter time.

For some reason competitive eater Matt Stonie just broke the world record for Peep eating - 255 Peeps in five minutes.

If you run, a moderate daily run adds about 7 hours to your life – and caps out at 3 years.

40% said they would rather give up getting it on- than pizza!

Harvard says - that by far the best diet to go on to lose weight- low carb.


Today is Thursday, April 13th- It IS - Take a Wild Guess Day, Bookmobile Day, Peach Cobbler Day

You're going to spend about $152 celebrating Easter.

David Letterman's mom, Dorothy passed away. She was 95.

Fear Factor is being rebooted by MTV hosted by Ludacris!!

A 'Friends' musical is coming later this year.…

Sergio Garcia is getting married in July, and he may wear his Masters Green Jacket at his wedding!

Drinking gin can speed up your metabolism.

The FCC has decided NOT to let us use our phones on flights. This will prevent countless flight fights!

New study shows, men who go gray – regardless of age – are at a higher risk of suffering a heart attack.

Every person on the United flight this week, where the guy was hauled off, will get a complete and total refund.


Today is Wednesday, April 12th- It IS - Make Lunch Count Day, Scrabble Day, Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

American League Champs Tribe – Won the home opener 2-1, White Sox again tonight

Lonnie Chisenhall to play for the Rubberducks tonight.

J. Geils passed away yesterday- he was 71.

According to science, bassists are the most important member of a band.

James Corden will host a Carpool Karaoke prime-time special May 22nd on CBS. Guests haven't been announced yet.

Barbara Bush has only has 8 toes, 4 on each foot!

St. Louis - the best city to celebrate Easter in. Cleveland lands at #9.

80% of parents steal candy from their kids' Easter baskets.

Doctors say eating 2-3 eggs a day has great health benefits- weight control, better eyesight, hair and nail growth...

Ford has designed a crib that mimics perfectly the feeling of being in a car for babies.


Today is Tuesday, April 11th- It IS - Barbershop Quartet Day, National Pet Day, Cheese Fondue Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Indians Home Opener!

We've all seen the United Airlines video- What on earth were they thinking?

An article in Time Magazine brings us the WORST airlines for customer service? - Spirit 1, Allegiant 2, and Frontier 3. United #9.

Ryan Phillippe has made it perfectly clear is NOT dating Katy Perry!

Nashville has confirmed a season 6 on CMT.

The Billboard Music Awards Nominations were announced yesterday – all 52 categories! (FGL leads with 5 noms)

Looks are FAR more important to women than they will readily admit. Women want HOT guys!

20% of marriages end after 5 to 10 years.

A study finds that whole milk is better for you than skim milk.

Today is Monday, April 10th- It IS – Opening Day EVE, Farm Animals Day, Siblings Day, Cinnamon Crescent Day, Golfers Day

The Masters! - Sergio Garcia wins! First MAJOR Championship

The pink full moon is tomorrow night!

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn broke up after 3 years together

Pippa Middleton is only allowing married couples to her wedding!

There are plans for yet more Transformers movies. 14 scripts have been written

Science says, drinking wine exercises your brain more than doing math!

A guy in San Diego was cited Saturday for not having his snake on a leash.

Interesting, more MEN are becoming nurses than ever before.

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