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Monday, 03 April 2017 06:16

Daily Scoop, Week of 4/3/17

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Today is Friday, April 7th- It IS - National Beer Day, Walk To Work Day, Coffee Cake Day!

Cavs- Atlanta in town tonight, Indians- in Arizona tonight, NASCAR – At Texas Motor Speedway

Legendary Don Rickles died yesterday, he was 90.

Swensons is expanding to Cleveland this year!

60% of chocolate bunny eaters, eat the ears off first!

Iggy Azalea says she lost 15 pounds in a week, just by twerking!!

NBC ordered 12 episodes of Will and Grace instead of 10.

A new survey says Millenials don't consider themselves adults until they are 30.

Trying to drop a few? Make lunch your biggest meal of the day!

20% of teens said they want to be an athlete, artist, or entertainer, and do not want a traditional job

60% of men say they want women to order what they want on the first date, not a salad...

10% of Americans say their pets are their best friends!

Intelligent people go to bed late, leave a mess everywhere and use bad language.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony takes place in Brooklyn, New York today.


Today is Thursday, April 6th- It IS - Army Day, New Beers Eve, Carmel Popcorn Day, Hostess Twinkie Day

Cavs beat up the Celtics and the Tribe swept the Rangers!

Alan Jackson to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

JLO and ARod are talking about marriage....

Melanie Griffith says she regrets all her plastic surgery...

Burger King will be serving Fruit Loops Shakes...

Best state for WOMEN to live in? Hawaii! The worst? Oklahoma.

Iceland is the most healthy country on earth!

A gal from New Jersey was just accepted to all 8 Ivy League Schools!


Today is Wednesday, April 5th- It IS - Read A Road Map Day, Caramel Day, Deep Dish Pizza Day

Cavaliers (50-27) – Won last night (Tonight at Boston), Tribe (2-0) Won last night (Tonight in Texas)!!!

Tony Romo has retired and has accepted the #1 analyst NFL job at CBS.

Yahoo and AOL will be called Oath after they merge with Verizon.

Every time Beyonce posts on social media, it's worth about a million dollars. She and Jay-Z just celebrated their 9th anniversary yesterday!

The engagement ring that John Cena bought for Nikki Bella cost $115,000!!!!!

Wedding attendance regret rate is at an all time high! It's up to about 40% in some cases. 

Cleveland  is America’s 10th most “frugal” city. Washington DC #1.

Stand by - there are a record 1100 road projects starting this month in Ohio.


Today is Tuesday, April 4th- It IS - Hug a Newsperson Day! According to a recent survey, Anderson Cooper is America's Most Huggable Newsperson…, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Tribe - Comeback to beat the Rangers 8-5, in Texas the next 2 nights… Jim Thome, Austin Carr and Jim Brown will throw out the ceremonial first pitches Opening Day with the Tribe!

NCAA Basketball- North Carolina - Champs!

Harrison Ford can still fly according to the FAA. Even after almost crashing into a 737 a couple months ago by landing in a taxiway and not a runway.

If Instagram is your favorite form of social media, you may have narcissistic tendencies.

Good News, the two happiest ages in life, 23 and 69…

The “athleasure” dress style may be coming to an end. Sales are down....RIP yoga pants?

Men are buying about 10% of all romance novels these days.

Want to be happy? 30 minute nap every day. NO LONGER. That's the key!

New study says that sitting is the new smoking. Just as bad for you if you do it too much.


Today is Monday, April 3rd- It IS - Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day, Chocolate Mousse Day

NCAA - Championship game tonight (918PM) Gonzaga and North Carolina

American League Champs Tribe – Season starts TONIGHT! NATIONAL TV - at Texas! Cubs LOST last night!!!

NASCAR – (Brad Keslowski – won again) Next, at Texas Motor Speedway

ACMs-Thomas Rhett: Song of the Year and Male Vocalist, Miranda Lambert: Album of the Year and Female Vocalist, Jason Aldean: Entertainer of the Year... (Keith Urban.....NONE! All those nominations - Seven)

John Cena popped the question to Nikki Bella during Wrestlemania last night...she said yes (WWE announced they broke the Orlando Citrus Bowl attendance record.)


Baskin Robbins is going to test a home delivery service!

Peeps are OUT! They are no longer the most popular Easter Candy....Reese’s mini peanut butter eggs are!

Experts say that country line dancing increases brain function!

A shocking new study has found that laziness is contagious.

More and more students are blowing their student loan money on spring breaks and weekend drinking benders.

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