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Monday, 13 March 2017 06:16

Daily Scoop, Week of 3/13/17

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Today is Friday, March 17th- It IS – St. Patrick's Day, Irish Coffee Day, World Sleep Day

NASCAR – Phoenix this Weekend

If you work at the Pentagon, you have been ordered NOT to stream the NCAA's this week, slows down the network too much.

Day 2 of the NCAA Basketball! (Tonight if #15 Seeded Northern Kentucky beats #2 Kentucky, every student at NKU will get a free steak from a Kentucky Steakhouse)

Outback’s The "3-Point Bloomin' Onion" - available through April 4th – clocks in at 3,080 calories.

In a recent interview, Gwyneth Paltrow admitted she went on a goat milk only cleanse for 8 days!

SNL - for the final four episodes of the season, the show will be broadcast - live - nationwide for the first time ever. Jimmy Fallon to kick it off on April 15th!

The most Irish city in America is Manchester, New Hampshire about 20% are Irish.

Men who drink Pinot Noir are more attractive to women.


Today is Thursday, March 16th- It IS - No Selfies Day, Companies That Care Day, Artichoke Heart Day, The NCAA Tournament begins TODAY 12 noon.

The National Weather Service, admitted they LIED about the forecasting of Stella this week. They knew the storm had changed directions and strength, and decided to keep that info to themselves.

JLO and A-Rod definitely see a future together!

Adele says she has a secret Twitter account she uses for drunk tweeting.

Taylor Swift is reportedly planning on having her own music streaming site.

Buzz is missing again on the Honey Nut Cheerio box because of the declining bee population. They will mail you 500 wildflower seeds for free to help save the bees!  They have yet to reach their goal of 100 million seeds!

There's a new fragrance out that makes you smell like a kitten.

The current recommendation for caffeine consumption if you're in 'good health' is 4 8 oz. cups of coffee a day...

9 out of 10 women say they would be open to the idea of proposing to a man...instead of waiting for him!


Today is Wednesday, March 15th- It IS - Ides of March, Kick Butts Day, Buzzards Day, Peanut Lovers’ Day

Stella the winter storm not the major city monster that the experts predicted –(Meteorologists getting hammered)

This week we will gamble over 10 BILLION dollars illegally in the office in NCAA pools.

Brad and Angelina got huge matching tattoos just a couple weeks before they broke up.

Kim Kardashian admits she only washes her hair every 5 days...

According to TMZ, Ben Affleck just completed a stint in rehab for alcohol abuse.

April's caretakers insist she is 'close' to giving birth…

This Is Us......many left empty with last night’s season finale.

According to science, music lessons were the best thing your parents ever did for you.

If you wonder if dating apps REALLY work - about 13% who meet on sites, get married or engaged.


Today is Tuesday, March 14th- It IS - National Pie Day AND Pi Day (as in the math pie = 3.14159265 etc.), Ask A Question Day, Potato Chip Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Big Birthday - Steph Curry 29 / Kristian Bush 47

Yesterday JLo made her relationship with A-Rod Instagram official for about 4 minutes then deleted it

Marky Mark and Tay Tay are the new faces and voices of AT&T!

Tyra Banks to replace Nick Cannon as host of America's Got Talent.

Young Sheldon - The spin-off of Big Bang Theory is coming to CBS next season.

Only 8% of Americans plan on getting drunk on St Patrick's Day.

Outback – the three stage Bloomin' Onion. An Onion with topped with cheese fries and steak

If it seems woman always get a new hair change after a break up, it turns out it is fact. Reasons, shedding the past, immediate, and freeing.


Today is Monday, March 13th- It IS - Smart & Sexy Day, Earmuff Day, Chicken Noodle Soup Day, Napping Day, St. Patrick's Day Week!

Are you on the right time??

NASCAR – (Martin Truex Jr. Wins in Vegas) Phoenix this Weekend.

Get ready not to really work this week, because The NCAA Tournament begins Thursday at 12noon! Play in games Tuesday in Dayton...

Johnny Manziel got engaged over the weekend, in Paris

The 7th and second-to-last season of Game of Thrones is set to premiere on July 16, and Ed Sheeran will guest star at some point.

Well, he does need a job, so Arnold Schwarzenegger may run for the Senate in 2018, he already was the Governor of California

If you get a chance, check out the trailer for Wonder Woman (June 2)

Meals are OUT! Most younger Americans snack instead.

Well, is seems eating yogurt can help make you feel better upstairs, as well as downstairs.....as there is new evidence it can help with depression.

Couples are creating a NEW last name when getting married so they can get a “fresh start”

The season finale of The Bachelor airs tonight on channel 5.

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