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Monday, 06 March 2017 06:17

Daily Scoop, Week of 3/6/17

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Today is Friday, March 10th- It IS - Day of Awesomeness, Middle Name Pride Day, Ranch Dressing Day, THIS Sunday we Spring Forward!
Happy Birthday - Carrie Underwood 34

Reese's has a new peanut butter cup. It has Oreos inside!!

Nicole Kidman has finally explained her bizarre hand clapping at the Oscars. Avoiding ring damage.

Some winemakers are making wine infused coffee.

March is the biggest month for vasectomies. Men want to recover while watching the NCAA Basketball tournament.

Kids who start doing chores early are more likely to be well-adjusted adults.

According to Thrillist.com, the best thing in Ohio is Lebron James.

Akron ranked #7 and Cleveland at #10 of the top cities to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Buffalo is the top!

Akron's St. Patrick's Day parade is this Saturday at 11am.


Today is Thursday, March 9th- It IS - Get Over It Day, Panic Day, Barbie Day (Barbara Millicent Roberts), Crab Day (Not crabs.....Crab), Popcorn Lovers Day.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have called off their divorce – at least for the time being- they are not a couple, but co-parents.

New hot couple J-LO and A-Rod! Been seeing each other for a few weeks now.

Ryan Gosling is set to star as Neil Armstrong in the new biopic called First Man. 

Anna Faris will play Kurt Russell's role in the new Overboard remake...

There is a couple in Japan that have been wearing matching outfits every day for 37 years.

Tom Brady now has a meal delivery service......eating just like him will cost you $78 a week.

Coming soon Strawberry Nut M&M's!

Is this you? About 60% of us sneak food into a movie theater when watching a movie!


Today is Wednesday, March 8th- It IS - International Women's Day, Discover What Your Name Means Day, Registered Dietitian Day, Peanut Cluster Day!

March 12- this Sunday we Spring Forward!

Starburst is releasing limited edition bags filled with only the pink ones! 

Tom Hiddleston says he's officially done talking about Taylor Swift...

Jimmy Buffet to open his first retirement village in Daytona Beach, Florida called Latitudes Margaritaville.

More homes in America now have Netflix than a DVR.

Most Americans that do work from home say the biggest reason they do… is to do less work!

10 percent of Americans have now admitted, taking a selfie while DRIVING!


Today is Tuesday, March 7th-It IS - IHOP Pancake Day (National Pancake Day!), Cereal Day, Unique Name Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Bill Paxton died last week during surgery. It is now known to be heart valve replacement surgery.

Robert Osborne - The Turner Classic Movies host died. He was 84.

Rumor has it Taylor Swift will have a new album out by the end of the year!

La La Land Is now going to be a stage play.

Anna Faris to star in Overboard remake.

Joanna Gaines's Magnolia Home Line is now available at Pier 1!!!!!! 

There is now a Brawny woman on the Brawny paper towel packaging! Because March is Women’s History Month!


Today is Monday, March 6th- It IS - Day of The Dude, National Dress Day, Oreo Cookie Day, Frozen Food Day

NASCAR – Atlanta yesterday - Brad Keslowski wins! (Vegas this Sunday)

Adele confirmed she is married to her longtime love Simon.

Deadpool 2 movie teaser- you get to see Ryan Reynolds bare bum! And the clip is funny!

Netflix is in preliminary talks for more Gilmore Girls.

Jennifer Lopez says she and Marc Anthony aren't getting back together any time soon.

Natalie Portman had her baby over the weekend, a baby girl named Amalia.

Pizza Hut has made shoes that will order you pizza-called Pie Tops! 

About half of the “studies” you see in the news, are not totally fact.

Turns out a new survey says women are “super turned on” by frowning and sweating men...

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