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Monday, 20 February 2017 06:15

Daily Scoop, Week of 2/20/17

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Today is Friday, February 24th: Eric Church Day, Bartender Day

Cavs: Beat the Knicks 119-104

It was announced that it will be the Cowboys vs Cardinals in the 2017 HOF game.

Daytona 500 is on this Sunday.

Oscars on this Sunday night.

Darius Rucker will be on tonight’s episode of Hawaii 5-0.

Sam Hunt says he is getting married soon- as in a couple of months!

Simone Biles, Nancy Kerrigan and Mr. T are set to join season 24 of DWTS.

For a limited time beginning in April, soft drinks of any size at McDonald's will cost a buck!

New trending in dieting- the taco cleanse, you eat tacos 3 times a day!

A company in California is making Cat Merlot- no alcohol, just liquid cat nip in wine form.

Little Big Town's new album The Breaker is out as of today!


Today is Thursday, February 23rd: National Chili Day, National Dog Biscuit Day

Cavs back in action tonight- Knicks at home 8pm.

Savannah Guthrie to return to the Today Show next week after her maternity leave.

Firework Oreos are coming to stores in May- they feature popping candies in the creme that fizz and crackle will you eat them…

Research finds that if you work from home you experience more stress and insomnia than if you went into work!


It is said, most people fall in love with 3 people in their lifetime.

A new survey found that people who made their beds were 19% more likely to get a good night's sleep compared to those who didn't make their beds.

Being single isn't cheap- young married men make nearly $16,000 more each year than single men because they save on housing and they don't have to spend $ on dates!


Scientists found that while women are fine with long phone conversations, guys need to meet up face-to-face and bond over activities to keep friendships strong.


Today is Wednesday, February 22nd: National Margarita Day, World Thinking Day, Be Humble Day, George Washington’s Birthday!

Hota Kotb adopted a baby girl, Haley Joy. Hota is 52.

Rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez will perform at halftime at next year's Super Bowl...

James Earl Jones has joined the cast of the new live action Lion King movie.

Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey is supposedly valued at $500,000! Police say the case is still open and that they have no new developments

A pizza chain in London is using the power of pizza to set people up on blind dates, based on their favorite toppings.

The President of Iceland recently said that he would ban pineapple as a pizza topping if he could.

A Scottish brewery BrewDog, which has a new location opening in Ohio, now offers “paw-ternity leave” for employees who get a new dog or puppy to take a week off of work to bond with their pet.


Over 60% of women would rather talk about their weight than their credit score.


Today is Tuesday, February 21st- It IS - Travel To Africa Day, Sticky Bun Day, Biscuits and Gravy Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

While being interviewed in Cambodia about her divorce, Angelina Jolie decided to make the local cuisine- crickets, scorpions and tarantulas!

Lindsay Lohan wants Mean Girls 2 to happen.

There a bunch of new Hatchimals coming this summer!

Science says men with beards are better boyfriends.

Psychologists now say, if you're still friends with your ex one of you is probably a psychopath!

Coffee grounds mixed with coconut oil and honey have been found to reduce cellulite.

If you're waking up between 3-5am, it might be a sign of spiritual awakening

About 60% of people said they would rather be single FOREVER ... than be with someone who is irresponsible with their finances.

As you drive in this morning, chew on this bit of info, of the 10 worst cities for bad traffic - Los Angeles is number one. NONE of the top ten are in Ohio.


Today is Monday, February 20th- It IS - Presidents’ Day (Buy a Mattress), Love Your Pet Day, Muffin Day

Happy Birthday – Cindy Crawford - 51

The NFL says, Lady Gaga's halftime show, was the most watched musical event of all time.

Nicole Kidman has admitted she was once engaged to Lenny Kravitz.

2 years after announcing their split, Jennifer Garner is set to file for divorce from Ben Affleck. 

Peep flavored Oreos are in stores.

McRib is back – limited time

Dog owners are found to be more attractive than cat owners.

75% of us use our cell phones while on the toilet and doctors say that is disgustingly unhealthy.

If you think people love seeing your selfies, you would be wrong. About 90% think your selfies are annoying ... and that your photos are nothing more than shameless self-promotion.

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