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Monday, 06 February 2017 07:55

Daily Scoop, Week of 2/6/17

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Today is Thursday, February 9th- It IS - Pizza Day, Bagel Day, Read in the Bathtub Day

World Champion Cavs (35-15) – At Oklahoma City tonight

Hall of Famer Troy Aikman says that Tom Brady is the best NFL QB ever!

The Browns swallowed a ton of pride, and lowered season ticket prices to the lowest in the league.

The Grammys are Sunday, and they are promising HUGE tributes to Prince and George Michael

Business Insider magazine, they picked Swenson's as one of America's Top 50 Best Burger Joints! #21

Season five of Orange Is the New Black will hit Netflix on June 9th.

SNL is having it's best season in the ratings in 20 years.

Kate McKinnon to voice Miss Frizzle in the new Magic Bus series!

A new survey says Americans think German - is the sexiest language.


Today is Wednesday, February 8th- It IS - Laugh and Get Rich Day, Opera Day, Potato Lover’s Day

World Champion Cavs (35-15) – Tonight in Indiana

Gisele wants Tom Brady to retire.

After her successful halftime show, Lady Gaga will perform a duet with Metallica at the Grammys. 

Merriam Webster Dictionary has added 1,000 new words including “binge-watch, humblebrag, and SCOTUS.”

Our favorite Girls Scout cookie here in Ohio is Thin Mints.

Oklahoma City, was been named the most romantic city in America – most reservations (for 2) for Valentines Day!

THE number one thing that prevents the most to not find the right person – TOO many “qualifications”

The most common answer given, by men , when asked what they want for Valentines Day - “nothing”


Today is Tuesday, February 7th- It IS – The Tuesday before Valentine's Day- Man Day, Send A Card To A Friend Day, Fettuccine Alfredo Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Happy Birthday – Garth is 55

World Champion Cavs (35-15) – Won in OT

Vegas has the Patriots winning the Super Bowl next year.

Tom Brady's Jersey from the Super Bowl has been stolen. They have now hired the Texas Rangers to help find it. The most elite lawmen in Texas.

The airline MOST likely to lose your luggage? American. Delta and United the BEST -American Carriers

Millenials are addicted to on line dating sites. Virtually all are on them.

Among the biggest turn offs when young lovers meet these days? A cracked smart phone screen.

So what are you doing Sunday mornings these days? Because new findings say that is the time that most couples......connect? 9AM exactly.

If you are getting married this year, the average wedding has been calculated at $35,239! $6,000 of that is spent on the engagement ring!

A new study finds that the sound of popping balloons can cause permanent hearing damage. Especially with your kids.

Drink black coffee and you take in 100 less calories a day.


Today is Monday, February 6th: Maple Syrup Day, National Chopsticks Day

Super Bowl- Patriots defeat the Falcons 34-28 in overtime, who were down at one time by 25 points. The greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and first Super Bowl to go to overtime.

Tom Brady doesn’t eat sugar, white flour, MSG, salt,coffee, dairy or nightshade fruits or vegetables- and he wins Super Bowls, 5, the most for any quarterback!

Even the Falcons are winners in a small way, just for going to the big game they get a $53,000 bonus- the Patriots get $107,000...

Faith Hill is not releasing a duets album featuring Notorious B.I.G., CNN tweeted that she was, but they meant Faith Evans, Biggie's wife.

Mariah Carey was seen working out in heels and fishnets.

The latest trend in fitness is stretching! It feels and sounds and looks just like the thing you already do at the end of your workout.

Lego just released a line of emojis.

McDonald's is rolling out the Shamrock Shake tomorrow!

Today is Thursday, February 9th- ItIS -Pizza DayBagel DayRead in the Bathtub Day

World Champion Cavs (35-15) – At Oklahoma Citytonight


Hall of Famer Troy Aikman says that Tom Brady is the best NFL QB ever!


The Browns swallowed a ton of pride, and lowered season ticket prices to the lowest in the league.

The Grammys areSunday, and they are promising HUGE tributes to Prince and George Michael

Business Insider magazine, they picked Swenson's as one of America's Top 50 Best Burger Joints! #21

Season five of Orange Is the New Black will hit Netflix onJune 9th.


SNL is having it's best season in the ratings in 20 years.


Kate McKinnon to voice Miss Frizzle in the new Magic Bus series!

A new survey says Americans think German - is the sexiest language.

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