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Monday, 23 January 2017 06:16

Daily Scoop, Week of 1/23/17

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Today is Friday, January 27th- It IS - Big Wig Day, Fun at Work Day, Chocolate Cake Day

World Champion Cavs (30-14) – Brooklyn in town tonight

Indians will host the 2019 All Star Game! Last time was in 1997 at then Jacobs Field.

Seems Brad and Angelina actually split up over a year before anyone knew.

A Scarface remake is happening with Leonardo DiCaprio and Sofia Vergara.

The McDonald’s special sauce giveaway yesterday, has spawned bottles to be offered for 10K – on the internet.

Heinz ketchup has started a petition to make the Monday after the Super Bowl a holiday! More people take of the day after the Superbowl than any other day of the year – for various reasons.

Google maps can now tell you if the parking situation is bad where you're going.

New survey says a measly 38% of married women think their husband is sexy - 57% of husbands say the same about their wives.

Friday is the day that more of us will splurge on dessert than any other day of the week!

Going to a Superbowl party? It will cost about $75 bucks per person to go...


Today is Thursday, January 26th- It IS - Day of Encouragement, Spouses Day, Peanut Brittle Day

World Champion Cavs (30-14) – Lost again to the Kings in OT

Mary Tyler Moore died yesterday, she was 80. CBS to honor her with a special tonight at 10pm.

The Naked Chicken Chalupa is available as of today at Taco Bell!

Scarlett Johansson and husband are getting divorced! - 2 years.

Woody Harrelson has joined the cast of the Han Solo movie spinoff.

Want to be a better dad? A new study says, read to them. Evidence is huge.

Tostitos is offering a breathalyzer bag..and will even contact UBER!

Woman in Cali, is suing Hatchimals, because it didn't hatch. 25 page lawsuit.

A new survey says- your siblings more than likely like your dog more than the like you!

More and more guys are falling victim to scams on dating websites. After starting an online relationship, the scammer then persuades the guy to send money.

McDonald's is marking the roll-out of its revamped Big Mac sandwiches by giving away 10,000 bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce. You just have to go in and say "There's a Big Mac for that." There are 2 participating locations around here- one in Akron on Medina Rd and one in Maple Heights on Broadway Ave.


Today is Wednesday, January 25th- It IS - Opposite Day, Irish Coffee Day, Southern Food Day

The Oscar Nominations are out, and La La Land- 14 nominations – tied for most ever. (Titanic - and - All About Eve)

You may have seen ABC posted incorrect Oscar nominations yesterday on Twitter, and the air - stating some were nominated, when in fact, they were not. They fixed it.

Bob Evans Restaurant have been sold – but will remain open under new management!

Stephen Colbert will host the Emmys this September.

John Cena will host of Nickelodeon’s - Kid’s Choice Awards, March 11th.

Mel Gibson had his 9th child - Lars. Mel is 61.

The Terminal Tower observation deck will be open from February 10-14.

New survey says that about 70% of men have to be dragged out onto a dance floor.

Eat a big lunch and a small dinner and lose more weight. Overwhelming evidence says so.


Today is Tuesday, January 24th- It IS - Belly Laugh Day, Beer Can Day, Compliment Day, Peanut Butter Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

World Champion Cavs (30-13) – Lose 124-122

77 Colonial Bowling Lanes in Belden Village will close later this year.

LeBron's backed pizza place, Blaze is coming to Canton.

Episode VIII will be called- Star Wars: The Last Jedi and hit theaters December 15th.

Razzies Nominations for the worst movies this year are out- Zoolander 2 / Batman V Superman / Dirty Grandpa / God's Of Egypt /Hilary’s America / ID2

Progressive Field is 18 on the list of Top 100 Stadium Experiences in 2016!

Nearly 100 percent of us don't care if their favorite celeb lip-syncs or not. (Especially national anthems)

The Dakotas - Worst place for a relationship. Mississippi is the best.


Today is Monday, January 23rd, It IS – Change A Pet’s Life Day, National Pie Day, Measure Your Feet Day

New England and Atlanta are headed to the Super Bowl...

Luke Bryan he's singing the anthem at the Super Bowl

Adele announced she will perform at the Grammys!

Prison Break, Charmed, Star Trek, Twin Peaks, Dynasty and Magnum P.I. - All being REBOOTED this year!

New survey of 5,000 working women - found that 85 percent have regular thoughts about hooking up with a co-worker...

Don't leave your Facebook open and leave the room!! About 30 percent of people will snoop your page while you are away.

You gotta think long term here, if you use your earbuds too loud – they can damage your hearing in 30 minutes. And constant use can cause brain damage.

Women start to lose their mental sharpness in their 50's.

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