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Monday, 27 July 2015 00:00

Daily Scoop for Week of 7/27/15

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Today is Friday, July 31st, It IS - It's Mutt's DayCotton Candy Day


Chipotle has unseated Subway as Americas healthiest fast food of choice!


About 60 percent of us have fallen asleep all night with our phones in our hands


Kelly Ripa has a broken foot..still doing the show! 6 weeks in a cast


Vegas says the Indianapolis Colts will win the Superbowl this year.

Caitlyn Jenners new reality show had less viewers that Sy-Fy re-running Sharknado 3 last Sunday


New study shows that passengers WOULD pay a fee to EXIT a plane first!!


The dentist who killed Cecil the Lion, may be facing charges as well in the USA by 

the Federal Government. The law is called the Lacey Act!


Today is Thursday July 30th…we are looking ahead to a day slightly cooler than yesterday mid 80’s instead of mid 90’s.

You heard Amani tell us the score of the tribe game—the Indians- beat the Royals yesterday 12-1!!!! We are always better during the afternoon games! (Playtonight10:05in Oakland)

A new study show that Millennials are finding jobs, but they are still living at home with their parents!

A truck carrying Vermont maple syrup sprung a leak and spilled 75 gallons of syrup all over the road this week. Caused a very sticky situation!

Facebook relationship over-sharers may be annoying, but according to a new study, those same people may be more likely to go the distance. Seems they are more committed to each other...

In tech news: Microsoft Windows 10 is now out- a free download to those using Windows 7 and 8 and it is said to be wonderful! 

According to a new study, men become sexist after the birth of their first baby. They tend to see women more as caring mothers and housekeepers instead of appreciating the contributions they can make in the workplace...

Ben Affleck denies he is dating his kid's nanny and he his threatening to sue Us Weekly for spreading the rumor in the first place!

Garth Brooks tops Forbes' list of country top earners for the past year- 90 million!

In the dumb criminals department…A guy robbed a bank in Boston, and was about to get away with it until he stopped to grab a lollipop- which was right in front of a security camera. The camera got a good look of him- he was later caught. The money was recovered, but he was allowed to keep the lollipop!

It's hot here, but the remnants of the 7 feet of snow that Buffalo saw this winter is still there! Some say the two large mounds of snow that remain could still be there when the first snow falls this winter.

According to a new investment plan, if you are 35 and you want to be a millionaire by the time you are 65 you need to save $11.35 a day or $4,144 a year...

Today is Wednesday, July 29th- It IS - Rain Day, National Lasagna Day, Buffalo Wing Day

Birthdays - Martina McBride is 49

Tribe – Kansas City in town 12:10 today.

The Rubber Ducks are having a record attendance season, congrats!

Tom Brady's NFL 4 game suspension will be enforced for delfate-gate.

Blake Shelton had Miranda's stuff put on their front porch after their divorce was announced. 


Word is Los Angeles could now be in the running for the 2024 Olympics now that Boston has pulled out.

The more money you make the more you drink survey says. The age group that drinks the most is 30-50 year old's. And married people drink far more than singles.

Almond Milk Controversy: it only contains about 2% almonds- it is really just sugar and water! Hard to milk almonds?!

A dentist in Minnesota has been identified as the hunter who killed a favorite lion in Africa and 

posted it all over the internet. Locals are furious and he is claiming he was duped buy local guides. 

Most hated man on earth right now.

Conan O'Brien is being sued by a San Diego man who claims the late night TV host has been 

stealing his jokes for his monologues.

Today is Tuesday, July 28th- It IS - National Milk Chocolate Day,Tell Us Something Good Tuesday... 

Tribe – Kansas City in town this week. (Lost again last night 9-4)

The Arizona Cardinals announced Monday that they've hired Jenn Weltger, a former pro football player, 

making her the first female coach in the league history.

Netflix is dropping Titanic from it's lineup in August! And Reading Rainbow is coming to Netflix in August.

The outrage worked. Just one week after it found itself under fire for banning the hashtag #curvy, 

Instagram is letting people use and search the hashtag again.

Hang on to your good friends. They not only support you and increase your happiness … 

they actually help you live longer.

Boston is OUT of the running for the 2024 Olympic games. The Mayor said he would not mortgage the 

city's future for it.

A guy tried to take a selfie with a rattlesnake, he got bit and was shocked to learn that the hospital bill 

for his treatment cost over $150,000!

Shreddies, the company that brought you "flatulence filtering underwear," have gone one step further. 

They have expanded their clothing line to include jeans.

Today is Monday, July 27th- It IS - Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day, Scotch Day

Birthdays - Bugs Bunny 75

Tribe – Kansas City in town this week. Tribe is the worst team at home in the Major Leagues.

Insane Fact – Night Owls are found to be smarter than early risers

Matt Stonie defeated Joey Chestnut in the chicken wing eating contest over the weekend.

Voting for a new Lays potato chip flavor starts today at (https://www.dousaflavor.com/ )

Converse has announced changes to it's iconic Chuck Taylor shoes. First redesign in almost 100 years!

Are you are a sarcastic person? You may be annoying, but you are also more creative than your non-sarcastic counterparts. Snarky McSnarkyson!

Turns out giving really is better than receiving. A study published in Psychology Today found that giving to others relieves stress, and that "those who spent money on charity rated happier than 

those who spent the money on a personal expense."

New car seat alarm sounds when a baby is left in the car. Could this be the game changer?

Over the weekend, it was announced that the late Micheal Jackson wanted to role of Jar Jar Binks in one of the Star Wars movies.

Box Office Biggies - Antman 25 million, Pixels 24 million

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