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Daily Scoop Week of 5/11

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Friday May 15th 

Peace Officer Memorial Day It is also National Bike to Work Day

The Cavs took care of business last night and pounded the Bulls by 21 and move on the the Eastern Conference Finals Wednesday

We told you that a glass of wine before bed helps you burn calories, same apparently is true of tequila. Also if you don’t feel like drinking…try sleeping in a cool room not only helps you sleep better – it boosts your metabolism, you burn calories while you snooze. The perfect temp for your bedroom is 66 degrees.

David Letterman's last regular guest will be the same person who was his first guest -- Bill Murray. He was on the first broadcast of Late Night back on February 1st, 1982 and was also the first guest on the Late Show on August 30th, 1993.

And Kanye West will renew their vows at the Eiffel Tower. Didn't the just get married like 15 minutes ago?

Carl's Jr/Hardees is introducing something called The Most American Thickburger. A cheeseburger, topped with a hot dog, which is split in half, and Lay's Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. May 20th.

Next Dollar Dog night is 7 days away, May 22. AND then May 26

Fresh Flickage - Pitch Perfect 2 & Mad Max: Fury Road.

Tiger Troubles - The Tiger Woods camp is saying there was no cheating on Lindsay Vonn. They say the two simply grew apart

Website Of The Day is a Site dedicated to showing you how our favorite NFL teams cheats, or has cheated YourTeamCheats.com,

Thursday May 14th 

Mark Zuckerberg 31, 1998, the final episode of Seinfeld aired.

Cavs – Game 6 tonight in Chicago

Tribe and the Cardinals tonight again..(they won last night) BTW –Next Dollar Dog night is 8 days away, May 22. AND then May 26

Cory Kluber struck out 18 last night in 8 innings as the Tribe won 2-0. One short of the franchise record

The Orioles Will pay all of their stadium workers for the series that had to be moved to Tampa because of the riots.

Jenny Aniston said in a recent interview that her famous hairstyle the Rachel was really hard to maintain. Hated the hair styles that her Friends character Rachel had to wear on TV

Jenny on the NEW Block Jennifer Lopez will hit the strip in Vegas for a long concert run

Kim  K Has been ordered by the state of California to use less water at her house because of the drought

Dominos Will start taking delivery orders via Twitter soon.

So Cool…Three years ago, Cameron Hill was the first-responder who found Melissa Dohme bleeding on the side of a road. She had been stabbed 32 times and left for dead by her ex-boyfriend. They are now getting married

Lots of shows being cancelled. CBS has cancelled CSI after 15 years

Bachlorette returns May 18

A guy just sneezed out a toy dart that had been lodged in his sinuses for 44 years

Shannon Bugansky - won 86K on a single episode of Wheel Of Fortune this week

Wednesday May 13th is National Receptionists Day, National Third Shift Workers Day, Apple Pie Day & Fruit Cocktail Day. Darius Rucker is 49

Cavs won --Tribe lost-Rubber Ducks won their first game and lost the second

The winner is announced on American Idol tonight.

Women feel their prettiest on Monday Mornings! (10:06 AM) They feel their worst on Thursdays! (4:05PM)

We told you that Tiger and Lindsay Vonn broke up a couple weeks ago. So here’s why.: Word is: hehad a one night stand with a woman. Lindsay Vonn packed up and left

Looks Like Harriet Tubman COULD be replacing Andrew Jackson as the face on the $20 bill

 23 year old woman had a baby on an Air Canada flight yesterday, she had no idea she was pregnant. Everyone is OK. Baby is named Chloe

That Awful Statue Of Lucille Ball has a new home, some place in upstate New York.

The airline Virgin America has a designated a “selfie area” on their new 787 Dreamliner plane.

A fireman in Tennessee saved Abby the dog with mouth to mouth after Abby was caught in a house fire. Abby is fine. A man in Atlanta broke a car window of a mustang to save a dog—the guy who broke the window was arrested, the owner was not cited. Law says you can save a child from a hot car but not an animal. It was  low 80’s outside—but 114 in the car.

Best Study Ever: Wine at bedtime could promote weight loss.

New service called “Sorry It's Over” Is a break up service if you don't want to do it yourself. You pay, they do the rest any way you want it done.

Steven Tyler –(Aerosmith’s lead singer) has released a country song. It is called “Love Is Your Name”. What do you think? You can call or tell us on Facebook

Next Dollar Dog night is 9 days away, May 22. AND then May 26

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