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Daily Scoop For Week of October 27, 2013

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Happy Halloween!  Today is also National Magic Day and National Caramel Apple Day

And--It's National Knock-Knock Joke Day. And Houdini Died on this day in 1921

Lots of places are offering Halloween Freebies today, Starbucks, IHOP, Outback, Krispy Creme, Chipoltle, Arby's and Olive Garden

Big Lottery money!  Tonight, Powerball 289 Million!

In Case You're Considering: The five places getting a tattoo hurts the most ...Ribs, Behind the Ear, Feet, Chest , Ankle

Are Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr already married? Some tweet suggest that may be true!

Fresh Flickage This weekend: Nightcrawler (Jake Gyllenhall) Before I Go To Sleep (Nicole Kidman)

Akron Zoo! - Tomorrow the zoo begins Winter Hours. And the price is only $7. (Akronzoo.org)Setting all kinds of attendance records this year

Taylor Swift will spend New Year's Eve in her new hometown of New York City. She'll perform on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2015.  Taylor Swift’s new CD is out this week. She is donating all the proceeds from her new song, "Welcome to New York" to the New York Public Schools

Taylor, by the way—is  worth almost $200 million. The RED Concert Tour – she made 65 million from it. She has spent around $100 million on houses in Beverly Hills, New York City, Nashville and Rhode Island. Her endorsement deals net her another $50 million.She owns a private jet, and it has its own hangar at Nashville International Airport.

Halloween: least popular items to hand out:


Bubble Gum


Wax Lips



Dum Dums


Brad Paisley will be on ESPN's College Gameday on Saturday morning when the show sets up shop in Morgantown, West Virginia VS. Texas ChristianThursday October 30th Today is Thursday October 30th  Checklist Day-- Haunted Refrigerator Night,  Henry Winkler (The Fonz) 69,  National Candy Corn Day


The Cavs regular season begins TONIGHT against the Knicks. Tickets going for as much as $14,000 EACH for court side…the average ticket Price to tonight - $889

San Francisco won the World Series last night. 

Starbucks has another secret holiday drink – the Franken Frappuccino. Through Halloween, - Green Tea Frappuccino, with added white mocha flavor, peppermint, and java chips.

Powerball 145 million last night NO winner 159 million for Saturday!

Tonight: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown airs on ABC

According to a new study, sporting a beard makes you look 10 years older than you really are. If you’re rocking a mustache, it ages you by five years.

Eating an apple a day can keep the extra pounds away because apples contain chemicals and nutrients that promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut.

New survey says that in Ohio, the trendiest Halloween treat this year is – Apples!

Brantley Gilbert will join Kenny Chesney's The Big Revival tour for 15 stadium dates.

Katie Holmes was married to Tom Cruise for six years, but she'd like the world to forget all about that. Says she doesn't want to be defined by that. Who would?

A whopping 72% - say they believed in ghosts. Most admitted they hadn't ever seen or experienced a spirit or a haunting.

Happy New Year! - Taylor Swift will spend New Year's Eve in her new hometown of New York City. She'll perform on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2015.

Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan and Brad Paisley will host the first-ever major country music festival in New York City.

Website of the Day – That’s where apps like “Trick or Tracker” come in.

Pretty GREAT Idea! - It's happened to us all. You go to try to assemble something, or re-assemble something, or simply figure out what's wrong with something, and you can't find the manual.ManualsLib.com to the rescue. It has handy PDFs of nearly 1.5 million manuals!

Wednesday is - National Cat Day, National Frankenstein Day National Oatmeal Day – Kate Jackson is 66 today. (Charlies Angels)

On this day in 1978 James Schelich won huge!  $275,000 in a slot machine by lining up five 7s on the bottom row of a progressive slot machine in Las Vegas.

There was no winner in the lottery—the mega—so the jackpot 285 million tonight – Powerball 145 million

1989 from Taylor Swift is expected to sell 1 million copies this week, (1st week out)...(or) for perspective roughly 5 TIMES the sales of Florida Georgia Lines latest album.

Fireball Whiskey has been recalled in Europe. One of the main sweeteners is a chemical used in Anti-Freeze. - approved called Propylene glycol. They say it has too much of it.

This is sad--the guy who invented the game Operation 50 years ago sold the games rights to Milton Bradley in 1964 for $500 while in college. He now needs a major operation. Needs $25 Grand.

Good News! -Chocolate. A new study found that the flavanols can reverse age-related memory loss. Bad News! You'd have to consume about 20 chocolate bars a day

A new British study suggests that women are less attracted to macho men. Researchers found that what women really desire is not too masculine, not too feminine. Except in highly industrialized and urban areas – They want MEN!

New info says you make your best life decisions before lunch. True! Being a bit hungry helps you make the best decision

According to new research, American pop and rock stars die up to 25 years earlier than the general population.

The most Googled Halloween costume in Ohio this year is – Katniss Evergreen from The Hunger Games

A new survey says men don’t like bringing up the subject of their work-life balance at work. One subject universally avoided by men.

27-year-old Kelly Lee Dekay wants to look like the cartoon vamp Jessica Rabbit, so she "corset-trained" herself for the past seven years, shrinking her waist to a measly 16 inches.

Sara Evans - Guests stars on Nashville tonight. She plays herself.

Akron Zoo! - November 1st the zoo begins Winter Hours. And the price is only $7. (Akronzoo.org)

Happy New Year! - Taylor Swift will spend New Year's Eve in her new hometown of New York City. She'll perform on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2015.

Tuesday IS - Tell Us Something Good Tuesday! St. Jude's Day

Food Stuffs - National Chocolates Day

Birthdays – Brad Paisley is 42.  Keith Urbans is 47  Bill Gates 59

Lottery – Tonight's Mega Millions is 252 million--/ Powerball tomorrow 142 million. Deisi Ocampo says her father handed her two Illinois Lottery tickets and said "happy birthday." She ended up winning $4 million.

Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney are joining forces for 10 dates this spring and summer. San Francisco, Dallas, Green Bay, Seattle, Minneapolis, Pasadena, Kansas City, Denver, New Jersey and Boston

Julia Roberts says that she's taken a big risk by NOT having a facelift. Julia says she goes with more natural methods such as yoga and "decluttering" her life.

About 75 percent of Americans are completely annoyed by early Christmas items in store.

A new study out of England found that women are most attracted to men who smell like gasoline, paint, printer ink and leather. Meanwhile, men like the scent of lipstick, baby lotion and ... wait for it ...a roast dinner.

The second-largest cigarette maker in the country has finally caved in to worries about the health problems caused by cigarettes – and will begin banning smoking in its offices.

Spending just a little time in the sun daily may slow weight gain and lower the lower rates of obesity and diabetes.Today is Monday October 27th - Cranky Co-workers Day, Navy Day, American Beer Day and National Potato Day. Also, Producer James would be happy to know it is International Magic Week


World Series Update:  Giants ahead 3 games to 2. Back to Kansas City Tomorrow (Aaron Lewis sang Anthem last night) Cavs premiere at the Q is this Thursday Cavs Scoreboard will debut Thursday. Apparently it rivals any HD TV anywhere in the world.

 Halloween is Friday and many have already been trick-or-treating: Halloween costume ideas? Did you see any good ones? Apparently, there are some offensive costumes out there and this is shaping up to be the most offensive costume year ever. Be prepared to see costumes representing the most difficult new stories.

In health scoop: Acid Reflux Affects 40 percent of all Americans. New info out says, it's NOT what you eat...it's WHEN you eat. Do not eat at night Possibly the most germ infested item in the office, could be the company coffee pot.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a girl born in 2012 can expect to live to 81.2 years

A new study claims that drinking alcohol later in life can actually IMPROVE your memory!

According to an extensive study conducted by researchers at Duke University, there is no link between the use of marijuana and lower IQ.

There is a Count Chocula Shortage in Colorado. A brewery bought the entire stock for craft beer, and none left for the masses!

Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989 is out today.

TLC has cancelled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Mama June Shannon has been dating a sex offender.

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