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Monday, 20 October 2014 06:51

Daily Scoop for Week of October 20th

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Friday IS - Wear It Pink Day - World Pasta Day &/ National Bologna Day

1901 First person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel and survive 62-year-old Anna Edson Taylor.

Browns – Oakland in town this week! They have not won

World Series – Game 3 is tonight, LBT will perform National Anthem.

Tickets for Game One – World Series was an average of $789. (most ever)

Joan Rivers' daughter Melissa wants to know what went on inside the clinic where her mother died, so she's preparing to sue them to get some answers.

The incredibly entitled Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC's chief medical editor, it out of quarantine for Ebola. NBC announced that Snyderman, will take another month off.

Luke Bryan says he won't be shaking it forever. He says, “10 years from now, will I be on stage dancing? No, I won’t be... I would certainly say it will be much more tamed.”

The Department of Health in England thinks that Homer Simpson should be talking to his family about healthy eating chioces on the show, and not donuts.

Ginny Odom has become UPS's first woman driver to drive 4 million miles in 40 years without ever getting into an accident.

A majority of Americans think fraternities hazing should be suspended from campus – either temporarily or permanently.

Football Last Night – Broncos / Chargers Broncos win

Fresh Flickage - John Wick – Ouigi - St. Vincent (limited)

New Rage This Year – Deep fried Candy Corn?

New Dictionary Words - Photobomb, Twerking, meme, selfie, adorkable, and Bitcoin.

Best state for education? - Vermont The WORST? - Nevada

The Oscars are HOT and flatly denying that Neil Patrick Harris was their 4th choice to host the Oscars!

Six Days Away – This is going to be a nationally recognized party. Celebs, concerts...

Record Setting - Amount af credentials applied for, for a regular season game.Thursday is- TV Talk Show Host Day, Boston Cream Pie Day, National Pharmacy Technician Day and on this day in 2001 – Steve Jobs introduced the I-pod –


Birthdays – Weird Al Yankovic is 55 today

Toys R Us puts Breaking Bad toys on “indefinite sabbatical.” Breaking Bad dolls?

Pitbull -Will kick off the Salvation Army's Kettle campaign at halftime of the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game with a concert

Melissa Rivers has inherited her late mother 's Joans estate including 75 million in cash!

Renee Zellweger has addressed her critics of her new face. She used the word “different” many times, and stated how happy she is “different.”

Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the Oscars – but he was the fourth choice. Ellen, Chris Rock and Julia Louis Dreyfuss were the first three

American men do one-third the house work than women do.

People – Drink less soda when they clearly see what it takes to burn then calories. One small soda requires a 50 minute run or a 5 mile walk.

Mentoring - Taylor Swift will  join The Voice for her mentoring stint on Monday and Tuesday

CMA's – Miranda Lambert and Megan Trainor will perform All About That Bass on the show!

Jason Aldean and Bob Seger,will team up for an episode of CMT Crossroads.

Guys:  If you want to be a daddy, put down the java and pick up a beer. Coffee makes you less potent, been makes you moreToday is Wednesday October 22nd  --If you thought the month of September felt a little warmer than usual where you live, it's because it was. Actually, it was a little warmer than usual everywhere on the planet.


Random question for a Wednesday. Is it cool for a friend to date your ex? Post your thoughts on our Wynn and Wilson facebook page or call us with your thoughts…

World Series – Game 1 last night Giants won 7-1 (1-0 game lead) Trisha Yearwood – Sang the anthem beautifully in Kansas City last night to open the World Series!

The World Series Broadcast – Opened with a really funny video of the players lip-synching “All About That Bass”

Akron has been in the news for Ebola and Ernest Angley and other not so good things, so it is cool that we are in the news for some good reasons: The new Lebron commercial! It features Akron

Brantley Gilbert Is engaged AGAIN to the “girl that got away” years ago. Getting married in June!

New Jersey nurse Meneko Spigner McBeth, is a million dollars richer. Her idea was chosen as Lays Chips new flavor, Wasabi Ginger.

Fame sure has a price: Taylor Swift told US magazine she constantly gets murder and kidnapping threats, and hasn't driven alone in 6 years

People are buzzing about Renee Zellweger. Another in the list of stars who have had so much plastic surgery, she no longer looks like herself. Virtually no one recognized her at a recent red carpet event! If you want to feel old…Child actor Jonathan Lipnicki, who was the adorable five-year-old "Ray" in Jerry Maguire, turns 24

Blake Shelton makes history as the first country music artist to hit #1 on the Billboard Artist 100. The chart, which factors in album and digital song sales, plus radio airplay, saw Blake rise from #19 to #1. “Neon Light,” the first single from the new album is Top 5 and climbing.

Baton Rouge Louisiana has the least expensive beer prices in America. Roughly $7.40 a six pack. Aurora Illinois the MOST expensive, $13.75 a six!

Barbara Walters will do another “10 Most Fascinating People special this year, even though last year was the final one. ABC called her and asked for one more year.

And Accuweather has issued predictions about the winter of 2014-2015.

The Northeast should expect another snowy winter, with coastal areas seeing more mixed precipitation than they did last year. The Midwest will be cold.The Northwest will be mild and dry.The South and Southwest will be unusually wet.Today is Tell us Something Good Tuesday: Call in your good news at 330-370-2000, or write on our Facebook wall #tellussomething goodtuesday

 It is also reptile awareness day, national nut day & pumpkin Cheesecake Day on this day 1879 and the first light bulb was introduced by Thomas Edison

The World Series – Begins tonight in Kansas City against the Giants Trisha Yearwood sings the National Anthem tonight and Little Big Town will perform it before game three in San Fran

Having siblings makes you more generous and compassionate person

She has no real job, but Kim Kardashian charges 1 million for each product she endorses. Today is her birthday. It is also her birthday today, She is 34

We already knew that Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their second child, and now we know when -- April.

A way to make your own seasonal pumpkin beer. Just grab a gigantic pumpkin, cut a hole in the top, clean out the insides and stick a spigot in the front. Now you're ready to fill that bad boy with your favorite seasonal beer and watch your party go to the next level. Caribou pumpkin ginger latte - 710 calories, 9 grams fat, 330 mg sodium, 127 grams carbs, 116 grams sugar

If your moody, or know someone who is new study says they were probably born in the summer! Winter babies are more calm, friendly, and lovable as adults.

The number one reason guys grow beards, stubble, and mustaches is to express themselves. They also say it makes them feel more attractive and masculine.

Jason Aldean's 14th number-one song "Burnin' It Down," was written by Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley.

Oscar De La Renta - Died yesterday, he was 82. World biggest fashion designer.

Guardians of the Galaxy - The movies soundtrack will be released on cassette tape on November 17th. 

Today is Monday 10/20- National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day~  nudges everyone to think back to when their computer was new and the desktop was clean and organized,  then to take time to clean it out and straighten it up. It is also World Camera DayNew Music Monday. Listen for the chance to win Little Big Town’s new CD Pain Killer in stores tomorrow. Later this morning, and every morning this week win Frankie Ballard tickets at 7:40

Halloween - 11 days away. Hard to believe! Next Friday

On this day in 1962 – Monster Mash is #1 for the 1st time. It would be #1 two more times in decades ahead

Birthdays – Tom Petty is 64  National Brandied Fruit Day

Box Office Biggies – Fury (Brad Pitt) 28 million. Gone Girl, 17 million. (And the romance The Best of Me premiered in fifth with $10.2 million HUGE FLOP)

Converse: Has sent legal letters to 31 different companies warning them to stop making, marketing, and selling shoes that look like their iconic “Chuck Taylors.”

Last year the annual Pumpkin Festival in Keene, New Hampshire set a record for 30,581 lit jack-o'lanterns. This year it made news when it was marred by a huge riot by college aged kids for no apparent reason.

23 Large -Starbucks is rolling out a new campaign called Starbucks for Life, where 10 lucky customers will win free coffee for 30 years. Value = $23,000 retail.

According to a new survey sponsored by Staples, 60 percent of employees say they go to work even if they know they have the flu.

The Container Store is a cool place! The CEO pays his retail employees 50 grand (average) a year. He says it's the 3=1 formula. 1 happy employee is worth three average ones.

HBO has announced that it will launch a stand-alone streaming service next year, which is a big blow to cable subscriptions

Dustin Lynch was hit in the face by a full can of beer walking onstage Friday night. Few stitches later he was ready to go.

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