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Monday, 06 October 2014 08:22

Daily Scoop for Week of October 6

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Today is Friday October 10, and it is International Newspaper Carrier Day, It is also National Handbag Day- National Angel Food Cake and World Egg Day 

And of course it is Eric Church concert day

Big Rumor -Word is Katy Perry will perform at halftime of the Superbowl this year. No one has confirmed it yet...but it seems so.

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Jan  Hooks died Thursday in New York City. She was 57.

Willie Nelson's braids that he cut off in the '80s when his hair was still red, went for $37,000 at an auction of stuff that belonged to Waylon Jennings

A radio station in Houston has turned on an all Beyonce' format.

Looks Like it - Looks like L.A. will finally be getting another NFL team. Most likely send a team back to Los Angeles within the next two years.

Fresh Flickage today – The Judge, Dracula:Untold and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

According to the survey, here are the Top 5 states with the most immature men: (The Frisky)

Rhode Island



North Dakota


OhioTell us Something Good Tuesday - You Matter To Me Day, National Frappe Day and it is Sausage Month / Pizza Month


It is also  Pet Obesity Awareness Day. Mean old Simon Cowell is 55

Cavs – Regular Season begins 10/30 – At home NY Knicks

Browns – At home this week....Steelers game 2.

Heirs of the women who appeared as brand icon of Aunt Jemima are seeking $2 billion from Quaker Oates and future revenue for using their images and recipes.

Kansas City Royals player Eric Hosmer bought fans drinks for a few hours Sunday night after the Royals won their playoff series at a local bar. Tab was $12,000. $15,000 with Tip.

A day after Micheal Phelps went to rehab for 6 weeks, he now has been suspended for 6 months by USA Swimming

When it comes to cats, too much stroking, petting, and cuddling can really stress them out.

Even Megan Trainers mom is tired of hearing her daughters smash hit, All About That Bass.....but she still loves it. Number one all over the world right now

After 7 months off - The search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 resumed today in the Indian Ocean.

If you were a fan of the TV show Twin Peaks 20 years ago, it’s coming back. The Cult show 1990-1991, has found followers online and now it is coming back --new episodes to Showtime!


Today is  Monday October 6: Physician Assistant Day. Kate Winslett is 39 And it is National Noodle Day and the kick off to National Chili month

The city of Chicago saw light snow Saturday morning, marking one of the earliest snow sightings on record. The earliest snow spotting in Chicago is Sept. 25, which occurred in 1928 and again in 1944, according to the National Weather Service.

And here at WQMX it is a new music Monday with chances to win Jason Aldean’s new CD Old Boots New Dirt every hour from nine to 5. It is also Eric Church week, Eric is in Cleveland Friday

Everyone is in the better mood when the Browns win, and they did, 29-28! Biggest regular season comeback victory in NFL History!! (25 points)

George Clooney wedding didn't cost him as much as originally reported:A mere 2 million....not the 5 million we heard

Olympic champion Michael Phelps is going to rehab. Second DUI, and some other issues with drugs and alcohol.

According to a new study, lifting weights for as little as 20 minutes can improve your memory recall by 10 percent.


Checking emails after work hours is so bad for you that Germany is considering passing a law that would ban it altogether. France already has the “after 6pm” law for work e-mail.

Keep this in mind before you rant, rage, complain or be highly negative on Facebook. Most users go to Facebook wanting a “mood boost.”

The more expensive your engagement ring, the better chance you have of getting divorced. And a lot better chance! The magic price for successful marriages is 500-1000 dollars!

Garth’s -Upcoming album will be called Man Against Machine.

Jason Aldean - Releases his sixth studio album, Old Boots, New Dirt-- Tuesday.

Box Office Biggies: 1. Gone Girl - $38 million 2. Annabelle - $37.2 million 3. The Equalizer - $19 million

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