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Daily Scoop for Week of Sept 22nd

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Friday September 26 is Today is Friday Sept 26th and it is  - Love Note Day - Johnny Appleseed Day & National Pancake Day. Today - Hug A Vegetarian Day. And Dierks Bentley –Tonight at Blossom

Olivia Newton John is 66 and this is the anniversary of  The Brady Bunch! It premiered in 1969 – 107 episodes. Also the The Beverly Hillbillies debuted on this day in 1962

No Browns this weekend 

Sarah Kay? Introducing the SELFIE SOMBRERO! This sparkly pink monstrosity of a hat has a huge 360-degree brim with a drop down pocket for your tablet

AT&T wants to do something to stop texting and driving – so they've started a campaign that they really hope catches on. Hashtag X (#X) an international symbol that means: "I'm about to get in the car to drive somewhere and I won't be able to text until I get where I'm going."

Fewer people are choosing to get married these days – and it all has to do with money. There are a variety of reasons

 why adults are saying no to marriage, but the biggest reason remains that many people simply can't afford it

According to a new survey, 43 percent of women in relationships have a guy on the back burner. You know … like a backup, just in case the guy she’s currently with doesn’t work out.

Twitpic users, we hope you have all your photos and videos backed up -- the service is shutting down. Twitpic got a cease-and-desist letter from Twitter, which says that the photo platform is infringing on its trademark

TMZ says Jason Aldean is engaged to Brittany Kerr.

Apple says only 9 people have complained about the Bending iPhones…hmmmmm, can you say “denial?”

Quote of the Day: “When you forgive, you in no way change the past...but you sure do change the future, cars and places you've beenThursday is September 25th It's National Comic Book Day. National One-Hit Wonder Day - National Food Service Workers Day


Time Flies – September 25th, 1997, Garth Brooks was named CMA's Entertainer of the Year. (won it 4 times)

The new iPhone (aluminum) is bending in when left in your pockets and it's becoming a real problem for many. Hey--Don't Do It - DO NOT microwave your iphone! The internet scam saving it charged your phone has been a real problem

A New Hampshire couple decided to go out to eat on Monday night – 10 minutes before their house blew up!

Skincare brand "Sanctuary Spa" found that after 35, women would rather be told how young they look - as opposed to how thin they look.

According to a study on the health benefits of red wine, your body could receive the same benefits from drinking wine as hitting the gym for an entire hour. - One Glass only

A woman who claims that the Walt Disney Company stole her life story to make Frozen is suing for$250 million against the makers of the most successful animated film ever. Disney says no. Stay tuned

Neighborly – New blind survey says about 1 in 20 married couples, have someone having a fling with a neighbor.

You drink more – When you think you look physically more attractive. (Weekends, dressing up...concerts....)

Who has tried the Pumpkin Spice Oreos? Yay or Nay?

The next stop on the Garth Brooks World Tour is Minneapolis.

Tim McGraw has the number one album in the country

Maddie and Tae - “Girl in a Country Song” has gotten 7.6 million views on Youtube


Keith - Keith Urban premieres the official video for "Somewhere in My Car" Tonight at 9 on People.comWednesday is Sept 24th- National Cherries Jubilee Day

National Women's Health & Fitness Day and a new study out of Brigham Hospital in Boston says that if you eat two servings of fish and omega-3s every single week, you could possibly prevent hearing loss.

TV was never the same, as The Love Boat debuted on ABC-TV on this date in 1977

This Is It - Baseball's regular season is in its final week!

New study says red wine prevents cavities. The antioxidants in red wine knock out bacteria – and end up preventing tooth decay.

Taking and posting too many selfies is actually bad for all relationships in your life. Most who see them don't care, and it is thought low self esteem is involved too.

New article based on a survey. Worst thing you can say to a woman? “Smile!” Makes virtually 100% of women instantly angry.

New study shows, the average woman spends about 10 days a year in a bad mood.

Meditating daily is a true de-stressing technique that can keep your hair from falling out, your skin from sagging and bags from appearing under your eyes.

A Russian company just bought Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, and Colt 45 beers.

Pumpkin Spice Oreos hit stores today!

Netflix – Is launching a website that has “spoilers” of tons of classic and current movies and TV shows! Their research says that more and more people don't care if they know or not.

Apple – New iPhone 6 and 6 plus, users are complaining about their new phones. Apparently, the aluminum devices are so thin, they're bending in users' pockets.

Chicago – Is now the most dangerous city to live in in America.

Nashville returns tonight on ABC at 10pm

Maddie and Tae - “Girl in a Country Song” has gotten 7.6 million views on Youtube


Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard is getting hitched. He popped the question to his girlfriend Hayley yesterday

Today is Tell us Something good Tuesday , and  the first full  day of fall. National White chocolate Day

Happy Birthday to the Jetsons—premiered in 1962 and to Bruce Springsteen, who is 65

A group of German high school students have been sent home from a week-long field trip because their teachers got drunk and passed out.

Scientists ran the numbers and concluded that it is physically impossible to drink enough coffee to kill you. You would have to drink more than 70 cups of coffee at once.

In the past 10 years, the cost of college textbooks has gone up 82 percent. Some crafty students are coping with that by downloading them for a discounted price -- or completely free.

Lion King has taken in more money than any Broadway show in history. 7 Billion. It has now also become the biggest grosser of any entertainment franchise ever!

New study shows the MOST productive workers in America’s work force, work for 52 minutes, then take an 17 minute break!

If you have ever been the recipient of a drunk text. It seems you are hearing the truth, Research shows that words spoken drunk words are exactly our sober thoughts. Turns out it's like truth serem. We just care less about the consequences when we're liquored up.

According to a new survey, men are more likely to lose their smart phones than women. 46 percent of men have.

Apple - Apple sold 10 million of the new iPhone  in the first three days in America. They broke their own record of 9 million

According to a new study, a low-carb diet is more effective in weight loss than a low-fat diet

The most Googled Company in the state of Ohio is Akron based Goodyear

Starbucks - Is testing a new latte flavor called Dark Barrel, which contains a syrup reminiscent of a dark beer. Like Guiness 

Kenny Chesney’s new album, The Big Revival, is in stores today

Keith Urban premieres the official video for "Somewhere in My Car" Thursday at 9 on People.com

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