Daily Scoop for week of April 21st

on 21 April 2014.

Thursday is…….Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day.

Food Stuffs – National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day and National Pay if Forward Day! Do something nice

Birthdays – Kelly Clarkson is 32

People Magazines Most Beautiful issue is out tomorrow. The most beautiful is, 12 Years a Slave Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o.

Men keep the average pair of underwear for 7 years!

Today’s fun fact: The internet handles 204 million e-mails per minute. As well at 2.4 million statuses on Facebook, and 500,000 tweets!

It is believed now that many experts are not buying the story of the kid riding in the wheel well of the 767 to Hawaii.

Connie Marrero, the oldest surviving former major league player, died Wednesday morning at his home in Havana, Cuba, he was 103!

This Saturday, the Party For The Planet, and then Mother's Day Breakfast and Garden Party coming up on May 11, 2014.

Amazon and HBO are teaming up.  You do not need to be a HBO customer either. Get the Amazon box, and get every single show HBO offers, except Game of Thrones.  - Free

The official NYPD Twitter account yesterday asked followers to tweet photos of themselves hanging out with cops under the hashtag #myNYPD, to build good karma between cops and citizens. But many photos were photos of police being overly aggressive with civilians and suspects.

If you order a Baked Apple Dumplin’ dessert at a Cracker Barrel? According to Men’s Health magazine: That crazy good treat is a ridiculous 3,229 calories.



Administrative Professionals Day or Secretary's Day

Movie Theater Day and National Cherry Cheesecake Day and might be a bit rainyBut today is National Picnic Day…take your umbrella. Today is also Talk like Shakespeare Day….. (1564.)

Happy Birthday toValerie Bertinelli is 54

100 years ago Wrigley Field opened in Chicago, and was built for $250,000. They have never won a World Series there (1908) 106 years, longest drought in Sports

Milk Company Prairie Farms has created a jellybean-flavored milk. Prairie Farms says it's actually sold pretty well so far.

Turns out the there are thousands of current IRS employees that have been given big bonuses, have dead-beated and paid no taxes on them.

New Jersey governor and father of four Chris Christie named "Father of the Year" by the Father's Day/Mother's Day Council.

Alaskans will vote if it should join Colorado and Washington in legalizing marijuana.

The US Supreme Court is going to hear a case that your streaming service may not be legal. Many are not currently paying royalties. Answer by this summer

Ronnie Milsap will be inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame this year.

Word is Leann Rimes’ marriage in on the rocks….and she may be broke. Story circulating she blew 38 million dollars.

Rascal Flattswill be celebrating the release of their ninth album, Rewind, May 13th.

If you're happy when you're younger, the chances are you'll be nicer to people as you grow older. A new twist says, thatn being happy to begin with may help change your personality as your get older.

Word is that Tiger woods Ex-wife Elin, and his current girlfriend Lindsay Vonn are becoming great friends. Even vacationed together!!


Tuesday April 23 2014

Tuesday is Earth Day~~ Arbor Day in Ohio is Friday~ First Earth day was April 22, 1970

Birthdays – Peter Frampton 64, Jack Nicholson 77 and it is  National Jelly Bean Day

31 years ago today, Rosie Ruiz faked a women’s win in the Boston Marathon…she joined the race with 1 mile to go.

A 16-year-old boy is miraculously alive after being stowed away in the wheel well of a flight from Santa Clara, California to Maui, Hawaii

If you're one of the 275-thousand people who signed a petition to kick Justin Bieber out of the country, you're going to be disappointed. The White House responded "no comment."

Some schools are banning chocolate milk. What they are finding out is, kinds have stopped drinking milk in these schools

Netflix business is booming! Looks like a price increase relatively soon.....could go up to about 10 bucks a month.

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream is launching their "Spoon Vege" line next month with Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange flavored ice cream.

Powdered alcohol has been approved by U.S. Regulators. This new product, called Palcohol, comes in a packet – kind of like Emergen-C – except that when you tear it open, pour it into water, and shake … you get hard liquor.

Jana Kramer hospitalized over the weekend. Bad flu...she's fine now.


Today is Monday is April 21st….Kindergarten Day  The Boston Marathon is today! (also Patriots Day in Boston)

Birthdays – Andie MacDowell is 56 It’s National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day

Our Cleveland Indians Won 6-4 and this week, Royals are in town for a 4 game set.

One gourmet chef says the ONLY way to make scrambled eggs is to melt butter in a pan and crack the eggs directly in to it, and scramble the eggs there. No whisking the eggs in a bowl. –Ever!

Box Office Biggies: Captain America 26 mil, Rio 2, and Heaven is for Real  - 21 mil

Sad news: Kevin Sharpe: Died over the weekend, he was 43. He battled cancer for years since he was a teen. His monster hit Nobody Knows in 1997...3 weeks number one.

NBC won't confirm it, but TMZ says Gwen Stefani is the new judge on The Voice, taking over temporarily for Christina Aguilera who is pregnant. Taping begins June

The brain turns to mush after 24. New study shows your brain is strongest at age 24 –and then declines 15% every 15 years from that point.

Nike gave a sneak peek at their new Air Jordan XX9s – They cost about $225.

Two US Representatives joined together to introduce the Truth in Advertising Act of 2014, which would require Photoshop regulation across all types of media.

There is now a service that holds nightclub parties for children under 12, during the off hours of the hottest clubs in New York City. That’s right. Parents are taking their little kids clubbing … which isn’t creepy at all, is it?

About 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners have been recalled - packaging mistake. They may contain Classic Cheese Dogs instead of the type of hot dogs printed on the label.

Eric Church released a special two-disc vinyl edition of his album,The Outsiders, over the weekend as it was National Record Store Day.

Brad Paisley will guest star on the season 11 finale of Two and a Half Men.

Glen Campbell has checked into an Alzheimer's Care facility for treatment as his condition worsens.


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