MOVIE REVIEW - Think LIke A Man Too

on 26 June 2014.

The new Steve Harvey produced Think Like A Man Too is out, and what a smash at the movies, raking in tens of millions opening weekend.

This is the second installment of the large ensemble piece that was a big success out a year or two ago, and again this is lead by Kevin Hart.  Hart is the hottest comic on the planet right now, and he can't seem to do a lot wrong these days.  There was a stretch he had 4 movies in theaters at one time. Right now, this is the only one, but this is going to be a huge hit.

What this is, is the same characters from the first movie, and it picks up where they left off.  This is a battle of the sexes comedy, as one of the couples is getting married in Vegas, and the bachelor and bachelorette parties are underway out there.  And the fun is on. Or it's supposed to be.

Kevin Hart serves as our primary character and also as the movies narrator, and being honest, he holds up his end of the bargain. Hart is utilized well here, and does not wear out his welcome.  As funny as Hart is, he can be fatiguing after a while, as his shtick is funny but generally limited. 

As good and as well received as Harveys books that these are based on are, this is not translating well to the theater in a quality sense.  There are too many characters here and it becomes confusing. Also, for some reason, they branch off on some silly tangents, including a "music video" halfway through.  Being fair, what this is, is you watching a bunch of people partying in Vegas for a night.  If that's your wish, then go to town.  But there is little story, and less substance.  This has been compared to The Hangover, but that's ridiculous.  The only thing those two movies have in common is that they take place in Vegas.

You know, wanting to like a movie, and actually doing so are two different things.  These books are huge, and having a party in Vegas sounds like a good thing. But this really doesn't work, and this movie falls into the sad level of "forgettable."

Think Like A Man Too.  Not good.

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