MOVIE REVIEW -X-Men: Days Of Future Past

on 25 May 2014.

Truth is, it is really hard work to try to keep up with all of these "superhero" movie series'.  There are so many of them that look and sound the same.  And where are we with this one... or that one? 

X-Men is out this week, and they have assembled all of the remaining characters from the earlier movies, and have attempted for breathe new life into this series.  This or course, has been split off a few times with various characters, example being the Wolverine series with Hugh Jackman. And don't panic. He is here.  In fact, he is the most prominent character.

As we pick up this series, the rival mutant factions are now facing certain death, as an amazing weapon named the Sentinels are here.  They are machines that are immune to the mutants superhero powers as they are made, and powered by mutant DNA.  More notably from one mutant, Raven, who can adapt to look like anyone on earth she wants.  In the 1970's she goes off the deep end and makes it possible for a defense contractor to actually manufacture the Sentinels.

So, as we are in 2023 in our movie, the former rival mutants factions are teamed up and they decide the only way to defeat the Sentinels, is to send Wolverine back in time to 1973, with the help of another mutant with those powers.  They plan is to alter the past, so the Sentinels are never made.  Sound easy enough? That's where we are here.

This is an interesting idea the try to give this series a boost, and some of this is really pretty darn good and interesting.  They do transport you back well to 1973, and there is at times a very good story here.  The trouble is, it holds out as long as it can being new and original, but it eventually becomes and looks like all the others. But that's what people want. And being honest and fair, gets a bit silly near the end.  Should be noted, there is some funny stuff in this movie too, as there is a balance among all the end-of-the-world melodrama. Plus, this have a first class musical soundtrack that adds a ton to it.

In this installment, we have Jennifer Lawrence as Raven. And dudes will get to see plenty of her (or more than likely someone who looks like her) in skin tight costumes that leave little or nothing to the imagination.  All the while doing insanely athletic things.  The rest of the cast is here, Jackman, Patrick Stewart,  Ian McKellen, Halle Berry (who is virtually not in this movie), Ellen Page, (same) and many others.  They have also brought some new actors in, to play younger versions of some of our main characters in 1973.  Namely, James McAvoy, and Micheal Fassbender

After seeing this, it is becoming clear that it's a good thing that Marvel and DC Comics wrote all those comic books.  If not, I don't know what kind of movies they would be making these days.  This craze has been going on for years now, and there seems to be no evidence of slowing down anytime soon.  This will be a major hit, as people have been waiting for a while for this.  And it's not a bad movie at all.  It's just kind of the same movie  - again.    And if you are not up to speed on the X-Men series, go see Godzilla instead as you will be totally lost.  (Not to be an X-Men snob or anything). 

Maybe that's the next movie, X-Men meet Godzilla.  

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