LOCAL GOLF - Dewsweepers Golf Course Review - Creekwood

on 30 April 2014.

Course:  Creekwood Golf Course

Location:  Lorain County, Columbia Station

Directions:  Access from Rt. 82, Rt. 10, I-480, and not far from I-71 or the Turnpike

Time Travel:  35 minutes from Akron, 20 from Medina, 45 from Portage County

Dewsweepers Tee Time Was:  730

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This week, the Dewsweepers played at a real quaint and fun course in Columbia Station called Creekwood.  Creekwood is out in the country, among the trees that plays about 6,300 yards.  It is a friendly golf course that is suitable for all levels of play.  It's not a long golf course, but it's one that challenges you right out of the gate.  You don't play many courses where the number 1, 3 and 5 handicap are the first three holes you play.  If you're not careful, you can lose your score very early. But conversely, if you do, there is ample time to make it up.

Beef and Joe Red were off this week, as Beef was on the Dewsweepers Tour West Coast Division, playing desert golf In Las Vegas with his son Dirk and nephew Brenden (also Dewsweeper fill-ins)  Joe Red was out of town on business, so Joe's son Bryan filled in as did our friend Manny.  Tex and I as charter members teed it up with them

Manny is a solid player who is back finally after a long road dealing with back problems.  But when he is healthy he can play. Today, he played another quiet round as he usually does. Manny seldom has blow-up holes, and keeps his damage minimal. He also putts very well making 8 footers routinely.  Manny shot a respectable 42 on the front, and a real nice 39 on the back for 81 on the day.  He also had 6 1-putts on the round, always helps the score.

Bryan played the best of all of us probably overall.  He had three birdies on the day, including two on the front, and one on the back.  He was sailing along nicely, but a startling 8 (snowman) on the difficult number 13 dog-leg left par 4, really derailed his round. But Bryan hit the ball well all day, and recovered also firing an 81, going 39/42.  A bad 8, but otherwise well done all the way around.

Tex played a pretty good round, but had the tale of a few bad holes.  Tex had three explosion holes, 5, 9 and 11. Taking 8 on all three. But other than that, his short game was good, and he putted fine, and helped keep his damage under control as he tried to erase 3 bad numbers.   Going 50/48 for 98 on the day.  Not bad considering three tough numbers.  We've all been there.

I bogeyed the first 7 holes.  Then played only plus 4 on the final 11 holes, that included 2 of those on 18, taking my only bad number of the day, a double bogey 6.  I parred 8 out of 10 holes, and kept the number pretty low considering a 7 bogey start, going 43/40 for 83 on the round.  I 3-putted number 6, and took a ridiculous double on 18, so the round could have been better.  I also took a bad bogey on the short number 11 par 5, that hurt, when you are thinking birdie. So my score could have been better, as I hit the ball pretty well.  For the most part we all kept the ball in play all day.

Course highlights? 1,2 and 3.  1 is a monster par 4, 435 yards straight ahead, with a sloped green back to front.  2 and 3 are both short par 4's, that are ridiculously tight with tree lining all the way, 3 has a lake in front.  6, is a great par 4 with a creek at the landing area, or you can try to drive over it (Bryan and I did).  13, is a severe doggy left, that dares you to try to drive it over the trees to the green. 16 is another brutal par 4, doggy right tree lined to a sloped green, and 17 a tough little par 3, 165 yards uphill over 2 creeks.

Creekwood is a fun place to play and is generally in good shape. Rates are very reasonable, with really GREAT weekday specials with cart that are hard to pass up. Always a good time, and one of the nicest starters you'll ever meet. 


Bryan  -  81
Manny  -  81
Wynn  -  83
Tex  -  98

Creekwood Website

Next week the Dewsweepers are all back together, and we are playing our first round ever at Sugarbush.

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