MOVIE REVIEW - Guardians Of The Galaxy

on 05 August 2014.

There are entirely too many comic book and superhero movies made these days from my seat.  But Marvel's GOTG was totally worth making.

This cleaned up big time at the box office its opening weekend, and it was well deserved.  This is a break from the usual comic book movie in many regards and is a fun afternoon at the movies.  The biggest thing is, this doesn't take itself too seriously, and that lets us all breathe. And know that were here to have fun, and not save mankind from brutal extinction in the modern day.

This overall story is simply too complicated to explain effectively here, but this is it in a nutshell.  This group of misfits, both human and non-human are wandering all over the universe.  They all come from different backgrounds and somehow are thrown together to form an unlikely alliance to save the Galaxy and numerous lives.  There is this thing called the "infinity stone" that could mean the destruction of millions of lives if in the wrong hands.  Their job is to make sure that it goes into the right hands.

This is just flat out fun.  It's funny at times, and heartfelt at times too.  Yes, about 90 percent of this is computer generated and yes there are log science-fiction battle scenes that go on a bit too long, but none of that is a deal breaker.  This is a good ride, and the audience loved this today. I think this has the right idea. Comic books, and superhero movies shouldn't be like going to the dentist.  It's tough to go to see one where they are making tons of social commentary and showcasing terrorism in today's world.  Most of them, we are all facing the end of times if our hero doesn't come up big.  The formula is old, tired, and not really fun movie going.

This will be a bit too long, a bit too loud for some, and too silly for others.  But I found this refreshing in that, it's a new approach to this kind of movie.   This is not going to win the Oscar for Best Picture, but this is good summer time movie making.  It's a bit Star Wars, a bit Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and a bit comedy.  And this has a real fun 1970's pop music soundtrack!

Guardians Of The Galaxy.  Simply fun!

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