on 31 July 2014.

Let's start off with this.  In movies there are great movies, good ones, average ones, bad ones, and then... there is Lucy.

This Sci-Fi action movie with the lovely Scarlett Johansson, and Morgan Freeman is the summers biggest disaster.   All I can say is thank goodness that the movie makers saw it appropriate to let this dog only run 1 hour and 28 minutes. Lucy is a good enough idea.  What would happen if humans could actually access all 100% of their brain power, as where we only access about 10% of it on average. Good question.  But after seeing this, and Lucy does, I still have no idea what would happen.

Lucy (Johansson) is a 25 year old who is living in the Far East, and finds herself tangled up with organized crime to no fault of her own.   She is kidnapped and has a bag of a synthetic drugs implanted in her abdomen.   She is told that she will be a mule and transport the illegal drug out of the country, and have it removed on the other end.   Problem is, Lucy's bag breaks inside her, and this drug starts to allow her to access regions of her brain previously unused.  And the problems begin.

She starts having all kinds of convulsions and other problems, and she gets real smart real fast. Why and how?  We don't know.  It just happens. And she starts to develop super-like powers.  Would that actually happen?  My guess is no.  But you can't make a movie about it, if she can't do special effects stuff.   This is simply stupid - period.

If you don't get Johansson to do this role, there is no movie.   This hauled in about 45 million week one. And I think most of it, if not all of it was Scarlett driven.  This is silly, poorly written, badly executed, and at times, actually looks like a modern day B- or C - movie. You know what's happening, but you really don't know why.  And It gives zero information and zero enlightenment.  It's just silly.   This was a good idea that just fell flat. 

I think there was great hope that Johansson would be really good, and look really hot for most of this by many. But neither is true. She recites incredibly boring dialogue with monotonous monotone.  All while being covered in blood most of the time.  But if there's someone who looks pretty good doing that, it's her.  This is not challenging to her, and she does very little with very little.  I love her in many smaller movies, but the large action flicks pay her bills. With her, as the movie is smaller her performances are bigger. 

Lucy.  This is horrible. This premise should really be interesting and make you think, but all it really does is -stink.

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