LOCAL GOLF - Dewsweeper Golf Course Review - Maplecrest

on 28 July 2014.

Course:  Maplecrest Golf Course

Location: Kent/Tallmadge/Brimfield area - Portage County

Directions: 219 Tallmadge Rd, Kent - Right off I-76  15 minutes from Akron 50 from Cleveland

Dewsweepers Tee Time Was: 645

Maplecrest Website

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Today we played Maplecrest.  We love this place!  Located in the hills and trees of Portage County, Maplecrest is a lot of great things about golf. This course was built in 1922, and has been aging perfectly ever since.  This is a great mix of hills, rolling terrain, sand, a little water, and tons and tons of tree lines fairways. This is not a long golf course, but this is a great example that courses do not have to be monstrously long to be tough.  Here, you better plan to hit it straight.

Maplecrest is in wonderful shape as some of the improvements they were making last year are finished. The greens were very nice today.  I would not call them lightning quick today as we had some rain the night before, but they were true and smooth and that's what we like - and you too.  Maplecrest is only about 6,400 yards, but don't let that lull you to sleep. The short par 4's, are supplemented by some really long par 3's, and some par 5's that are 500 yards of tree lines on both sides.  Hitting is straight is a must.

This course also has the right idea about water, as this is designed amazingly well.  There are not a ton of water hazards here, but they are strategically placed  and that makes you think about what club to hit, especially off the tee.  This is not a "pull out the driver on every hole and wail away course." If you do, you better be very accurate as there are literally hundreds of thousands of trees out there to gobble it up.  We went with irons, and hybrids off many of the short 4's to keep it in play, and had some success.  You can pick your places with the driver.  If you keep the ball in front of you, you can play well here.  If not, you will be punching out all day.

The great, protected #17, par 3!

Maplecrest also has the right idea on sand traps. Now today, some of them were very wet because of last nights rain but the traps that they have make sense.  They are in carefully thought out areas, that protect the greens that need protecting.  The design of this old course is simply terrific.  This is a fun course to play, and because of it's length virtually anyone can play it.  This is a very simply facility, with very friendly people, and very kind service.  And don't forget Shilo, the wonderful old clubhouse dog that is a staple here.   They also have a huge driving range.

Shiloh, The sweet Clubhouse Dog!

Course highlights?  #1 500 yard par 5 tree lined both sides all the way, creek at the 250 yard landing area.  #3, 215 yard par 3, to an elevated green.  #5, 265 yard driveable par 4, protected heavily by sand.  #8 240 yard par 3!!  #10, great doggy left par 5, #14 400 yard par 4, tree lined to a tough green. #18, 500 yard par 5 tree lined, and a heavily slanted green left to right.

That's the middle tee of #8, Par 3!  Today it played 235

We had two tee times as we had the regular Dewsweepers and the Next Generation Dewsweepers in tow today, so we won't go through the individual rounds, but will post scores at the end.  In addition to Me, Beef, Joe Red and Tex, we had Bryan (Red's Son) and Brendan (Beef's nephew) This is a great place to play, and is quickly becoming one of our favorite stops on the Dewsweeper Tour.

Maplecrest is a well kept secret, and is one of the most fun courses we play all season long. This is just really nice public golf.  Fantastic place.


Bryan  -  79

Wynn  -  83

Beef  -  87

Brendan  -  87

Joe Red  -  94

Tex  -  101

Next week we tee it up at Valleaire in Medina County!  They were hit by a tornado a month or so ago, but they are cleaned up and running!

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