DVD - New Streaming and DVD July 29

on 27 July 2014.

This week two very big movie are available to you for home use.  One is a big action epic that stirred a bit of controversy. The other, an adult comedy that had a ton of hype, and some good success.

We only feature major motion pictures here, and not straight to DVD, or TV series making their way to your DVD store.  I will link you back to my original review of the movie from it's theater run so you can make an informed decision before you invest your time and money on any of them.

New This Week


Russel Crowe stars as the Biblical Noah. This is a big action movie, that stirred up a big hornets nest as it doesn't follow the original story word for word.  Director defends it by stating it's his interpretation. This is a big movie. Could look great on your big screen.

The Other Woman

Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton star in this man bashing comedy.  Mann is a funny woman for sure, and Diaz and Upton give support to her comedy.  This has it's moments.


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