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Monday, 06 March 2017 04:07

MOVIE REVIEWS - In Theaters Now - March 5

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A nice array of movies in the houses this week, let's take a quick look.


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 Before I Fall

This is a pretty interesting movie that dares to ask questions about not only what happens to you when you die, but what can happen before you die that matters.

This is the story of four high school girls who seem to live typical modern teen lives. Samantha, (Zoey Deutch) is our main character, and she lives through a typical day, that does not end typically.  As a result, she starts to re-live that same day over and over again, ala Groundhog Day.  But this is not a comedy, this is teen drama.

What this is, is a young girl given the chance time and time again to grow up before it's too late.  It's about coming of age, and doing the right thing that is in your heart, and not succumbing to the pressures of being a teen.  This, is overall interesting enough to hold your attention, but this does have the view that these teens aren't as average as the writer would like you to believe. I would have preferred to see teens not from such affluence showcased here.

Deutch was terrific, supporting cast decent, overall an interesting flick that teens and tweens will love as it may look like them.  For the rest of us, especially parents could be a great learning tool.



After its big Oscar win for Best Picture, Moonlight has gone wide release to about 1,500 screens this week.  This movie is a very powerful flick that is daring to take us to places seldom gone to at the movies.

This is the story of a young African American boy from his childhood, to his adulthood beginning in the worst part of the inner city.  This movie chronicles the amazingly complicated and difficult life in the projects, and the fight, or not, to break away from it.  And here, they also wrote in some ancillary life situations that add to the struggle.  This is written bravely and skillfully with a totally original story that none of us has ever seen told this way before.

This is heavy with very deep content, and an Oscar winning performance from Mahershala Ali, who is terrific as Best Supporting Actor this year.  This is not light movie going, so prepare for that. This is heavy drama, with little to lighten the mood.

Great performances, a great script, and filmed wonderfully, Moonlight is a true original. This is certainly a trip to the movies you have not taken before.  Well, well done.


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