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Saturday, 22 October 2016 10:42

MOVIE REVIEW - Jack Reacher 2

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A lot a very average reviews nationally for the latest Tom Cruise - Jack Reacher flick, and frankly I can't understand why.


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Can we just get over the fact that Cruise is not as tall and hulky as Reacher is in the books?  He's the one. Swallow the hook!  He is the movie Reacher period.  Look, I am not a huge Cruise fan either, but I am a fan of this enigmatic character that Reacher is. And I have never read a single Reacher book.

In this installment, Reacher the semi-retired, semi off the radar, heavily decorated Amy Intelligence man comes face to face with a ghost or two from his colorful past. Plus, he meets a new attractive female high ranking Army officer, who is in big trouble and needs Reacher to help clear her name after she is charged with spying against the United States.

This is the second in this series, and frankly I like them. These are action based, but these are smart too.  Reacher is a GREAT character that is hard to figure out. He's flawed, and he's confused about many things in his life, both past and present. He does of course have James Bond like skills, but his flaws and his confusion make him very much like everyone else.

This moves along nicely, and has enough action to keep your senses engaged, and enough smarts to keep your mind engaged too.  Yes, there is a hole or two here, and yes some of this is a bit convenient, but who cares.  There is no illusion of this winning an Oscar or anything. This is just a fun escape movie that is better than most in this genre because of the character that Reacher is.

Jack Reacher 2.  Good, go, fun!


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