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Wednesday, 12 October 2016 10:53

MOVIE REVIEW - The Girl On The Train

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Here comes the new poster child for a compelling story that I'm sure is far more interesting to read, as opposed to seeing on the big screen.


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This is no way reflective of the good story this is. It simply is not told well in this version in this movie. Even with the strong star power of the lovely Emily Blunt, this unfortunate adaptation of this story looks little better than a Lifetime movie for their fall lineup.  This movie is very slow at times, predictable all the time, and compelling very little of the time.  If you watch this with any attention span whatsoever, you will be an hour ahead of it they whole way.

This is the story of three women, one main man, and twisted lives they lead in a very affluent area seemingly in Connecticut, just outside of New York City.  It is a movie where there seems to be a murder of passion, as these women are interconnected in one way or another. They all have big problems, and one of them ends up dead.  All while our main character, Rachel (Blunt), watches the other two women's lives play out in front of her, as her life spirals out of control while she rides the train daily into the city.

Blunt is very good here and the supporting cast is as well cast, including Haley Bennett (who also is in the Magnificent 7 right now), the great Allison Janney, Justin Theroux and others.  They are not the problem. This great story for some reason was placed in the hands of people seemingly dead set on making a boring movie, as opposed to making one more closely resembling the book.  This veers wildly from it, and no one really benefits.

The Girl On The Train.  They made a Lifetime movie, so wait to see it for free on your TV, or Netflix soon if you must.


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