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Clint Eastwood directed it, Tom Hanks stars in it, and the true story supplies the backdrop for this bio-pic of Captain Sullenberger. The pilot at the controls of the US Airways flight that went into the Hudson a few years ago.


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Since the actual flight only lasted 208 seconds, there has been a lot of speculation if there is enough story to make this as a feature movie. What this is, is the back story of the investigation that followed the accident where every single person got off safely.  It's also the story of how this incident affected Sully and the co-pilot on that flight. Some of this story you know, and some you don't.  I always think that is a sign of good movie making, where you have a story where you know the eventual outcome, and still have it being compelling and interesting.

This is Eastwood's real first wading into the CG world, and being honest, the scenes where the landing is showcased are quite good.  It successfully puts you on the plane, and in the cockpit, a place few of us seldom get to go.  Might be interesting to see how actual pilots view this, but from a citizens view, it looks pretty good.  But I, and every other critic can't honestly tell you if it's authentic or not.  I will respectufully leave that to the hundreds of amazing pilots ot there.

This movie also understands well, that this has a story to tell, and says it in about a hour and thirty-five minutes.  Good move.  They take this about as far as it can go, and this does not get old and repetitive. Hanks is very good and the supporting cast, although small, is well cast and quite good. 

Is this fantastic?  No, but it is interesting and sometimes it is nice to see a movie that showcases an actual event that does have a good ending.  Even though the plane is ill-fated, the eventual outcome is basically a happy one. This is not too intense for most, it is compelling and done tastefully where essentially anyone can go. One of the more tame Eastwood flicks ever.

Sully.  Available to you in IMAX as well.


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