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Monday, 29 August 2016 10:09

MOVIE REVIEW - Don't Breathe

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There is no question this has it's share of problems, but being suspenseful is not among them.


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In a nutshell, this is the story of three young amateur thieves in the worst part of abandoned Detroit who are pulling off small time home robberies. They decide to try to pull off a huge heist that seems easy to the naked eye. But they soon learn that it is anything but.

They hear of a US military veteran, who is blind, having a minimum of 300 grand in his house as a result of a lawsuit from a car crash that killed his daughter.  So our thugs, 2 guys and a girl go in for the job at 2AM in the worst part of Detroit where the veteran lives.  What ensues is a vet, who is cunning, well trained, angry, and ready to defend what he has left.  And once they find their way in, our crooks find it impossible to get out. 

This is very well written, and quite interesting. There are a few twists you will not see coming that keep this 1 hour 30 minute flick moving along nicely. This also does not wear out it's welcome.  Does this make some mistakes? Well yes. There are a few moments of silliness that I quite frankly don't understand, because it didn't need them in the story, and don't make this better.  But this is filmed well, acted well, and doesn't go over the edge with gratuitous violence.  This remembers that the story is what brought this to the dance, and that was a good decision.

Stephen Lang is great as our blind vet, who comes off as completely credible.  There is just enough here to keep you on the edge of your seat, and stays the course. This is well done, and for once, pretty intense in a genre lately that has increasingly become less intense and simply more violent.

Don't Breathe.  Quite good for what it is.


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