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Monday, 22 August 2016 15:54

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War Dogs

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This is a very interesting movie, that if it wasn't true, you would never believe it.  Jonah Hill, Miles Teller and Bradley Cooper star in this stunning story of two 22 year old dudes somehow become incredibly wealthy international arms dealers, supplying weapons to the US Military with virtually no experience or accreditation. What a story!

All of our stars are great here. The writing is slick and this moves along nicely.  Cooper is especially good here as a real dirt bag of a character running weapons all over the world and getting insanely rich doing it.  The good thing here, is that they never forget who the star of this movie really is. The story - period! Hill, and Teller are willing to let the story play out, and shine, all the while not getting in the way with wayward performances, or overacting.  Great soundtrack, fair amount of action, shot in great locations and that gives this a real nice look and feel.

War Dogs.  This is darn good, and well worth your time.

Hell Or High Water

When a movie stars Jeff Bridges, I feel it is mandatory viewing, and this is. In fact, this is one of the best movies of the year so far.  This also stars Chris Pine, and Ben Foster and they both deliver incredible performances. There isn't anything about this that isn't great.

Pine and Foster star in this terrific story about two brothers living in thoroughly depressed West Texas, go on a poorly thought out bank robbing spree.  Bridges is a soon to be retired Texas Ranger who is out to catch them before he hangs it up.  Why is each side doing what they are? That's the story, and it's great.  While Pine and Foster are great in their large roles as close knit outlaw brothers, Bridges is simply amazing again. In the right role, he is simply Hollywood's best actor these days.  This also one of those movies, where every single person in it, no matter how small the role, is perfectly cast.

This is exciting, thrilling, suspenseful, and funny at times.  This is about as well written as it could be.  The characters are well defined, and the story is topical, relevant, and exceedingly believable. 

Hell or High Water. Go watch great actors be great.  One of the best movies of the year. First class project.


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