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Tuesday, 16 August 2016 10:04

MOVIE REVIEW - Sausage Party

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Some may say, why review this movie?  But I say this movie could be a real turning point into the next big trend in movie making.

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As you can clearly see, even the title suggests that this is not going to be the slightest bit family friendly even being a completely animated flick.  (This has been in the works since 2010). This is the brain child of Seth Rogen and others, to do an extreme parody of the very friendly Pixar animated movies. And being honest, they do that aspect very, very well here.  This really makes fun of the Pixar formula.  And this absolutely has serious political and social over and undertones.  Some of that well done.

But this is also raunchy without end, very direct and flat out offensive for many -  in many regards.  Easily the mildest part of this is the incredibly harsh and never ending foul language.  There is a constant sexual undertone throughout, and this again glorifies harsh recreational drug use and that entire lifestyle.  And with that said, some of this is stil funny.

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This movie brings to life, food, in a grocery store and the life it leads.  Sound way out there? It is. Talking, walking, drug ingesting, sexually active and down right horny animated food.  You may have caught on, this is not for youngsters. This got the hardest of R ratings.  In fact, I saw a theater with a sign that said  NO ONE under 7 would be admitted under any circumstances.  I have never seen that before. 

What Sausage Party may do though, is usher in a new line of movie making if it makes a ton. Mainstream, extremely naughty, harsh, and unfriendly for kids animated movies.  I think it is safe to assume that there will be more movies like this from various movie makers. Is this a good idea?  Doesn't make any difference, if there is big money in it, it will happen because of all the platforms we have to view it. 

Sausage Party.  Not for the kids at all, highly adult, funny in spots. It seems a new era may be born.


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