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Wednesday, 20 July 2016 10:43

MOVIE REVIEW - Ghostbusters

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There was certainly enough negative on the internet leading up to this flicks release.  But, sadly for the naysayers, it's not the horrible garbage they were anticipating.


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This is the updated version of the 1984 classic. This of course with an all-female cast featuring some big names including Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. This has been brought up to date in some ways, and that part of this was done pretty well.  This is a big CG fest, and you get plenty of it.  But, this movie was kept to a nice one hour and thirty-five minutes and that was a good decision.  Also a good idea to not let this sink into the raunchy hole as that was my biggest fear.  Language tame  - and sight gags same.  And amazingly someone made a comedy without horrible human bodily functions gone wrong.

This version, is the genesis for what will certainly be more of these, with this cast in tact.  There are some fun cameo's here that are quick and work well.  The soundtrack has been updated nicely, and the original Ghostbusters theme in used as well, in a newer version. 

Is this funny?  Actually no.  Much of the completely over used technique of improv dialogue really doesn't work very well here.   Our stars are again, the same character as they were in last movie they made only this time fighting ghosts.  Many of these performances are really starting to meld together and look the same.  McKinnon for some reason really doesn't work here, as her character in theory should be really funny, but is not. Sadly, she is the weak link, but in fairness, more was asked of her.  And McCarthy, and Wiig are relegated to be the same character again, and again, and again - again.

But as non-funny as this is, Ghostbusters is pretty entertaining.  This moves along well, and there is enough to hold you till the next scene.  Most are quick and tidy, and they do pay off well as far as the special effects many want to see are concerned.  Strangely too, this is being reviewed far better by critics than it is being received by many fans who seem to be so-so on the whole idea and movie.

Ghostbusters.  On a rainy or 100 degree day, not a bad afternoon in air conditioning.


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