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Saturday, 09 July 2016 09:10

MOVIE REVIEW - Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates

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Summer means summer comedies.  Since The Hangover series is long over, we need something to replace it for the next few summers, and that franchise is here.

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Sometimes you go to a movie and you know what it is.  You know this is going to be a raw, if not raunchy comedy.  And that's basically what this is. But looking at it fairly, this is more than that. No doubt they take the easy way out for much of this with predictable raunchy stuff,  but this also takes a really honest look at this generation as a whole. 

This is based on actual characters. Meet Mike and Dave. They are brothers in their late 20's who ruin about everything they touch at family gatherings with their drunken and even light drug infused antics.  As their baby sister is getting married, the parents insist they bring dates to the wedding who will keep them in line. Instead the girls they choose are in many ways even worse than them as far as the partying is concerned. So it's on!

As the escapades roll on there are some good laughs, some of them guilty pleasure, laughs but a lot of this is pretty funny. It walks up to, but never really crosses over the line as far as gross, or outrageous comedy is concerned.  Plenty of drinking, sex talk, light drug use and general inappropriateness.  And some of this works.  But there is more.

This movie actually addresses the issues that this generation faces, and looks at them head on.  Some of this is done through comedic dialogue and some of it heartfelt.  This does poke fun at the characters in general, and the generation at large.  Is this perfect? Heck no, but this is not a bad day a the flicks.  This is a hard R rated flick, so it may not be for everyone. But for the intended target, this will be spot on.

Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates.  It's no Hangover, but it's fun.  And there will be more.


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