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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 10:27

MOVIE REVIEW - Independence Day 2

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Some ideas are simply better left alone.  This certainly qualifies as one of them, if not the poster child for it.


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20 years ago this was a real big CG movie that was fun, and had a sense of suspense to it, as it played on our fears of possibly being attacked by a large alien force.  It starred Will Smith and others, and in the end the good guys (Earth) survives.  Now flash forward to this installment (minus Smith) but with virtually all the other original cast and what do you have?  A total mess.  (Smith wanted nothing to do with this)

Now it's 2016 in the movie, and their world in this movie looks zero like the real world today. There are colonies on the moon, and we have space craft flying all over cities across the country.  We travel in space like we are running to Circle K.  I really don't understand this scenario at all for our movie.  This looks more like Star Wars than not.  This flaw is the death blow to this movie right out of the gate.

What made the original work so well, was you felt the vulnerability of living in our world, while being attacked by a superior race force.  This has none of that really, and is very much like a video game in its look and feel.  The script is embarrassingly bad, and is written on about a 4th grade level.  No offense to 4th graders, but this is simply bad.  Stink bad.  All of our actors look like absolute clowns in this really bad movie.

There is some humor here that works at times, and there are long action scenes that help push this along, but it can't be saved. But unlike the original from 1996, they have set this up for more to be made as this series can go on. Oh joy!  But luckily for some of our better actors involved, they chose to have their characters killed off so they don't have to do any more of these.  Good decision!

Independence Day 2.  What a waste of time, energy, money and effort. This really is a joke.


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