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Friday, 24 June 2016 10:22

MOVIE REVIEW - Central Intelligence

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Well, the unlikely duo of Kevin Hart and The Rock has proven to be a good one, in this new summer comedy.

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"Summer Comedy" are the key words here.  Is this going to change one thing about cinematic history?  No, but by today's standards this is pretty tame, and pretty funny stuff.  This is mindless, but who cares, it's summer.  We'll think again in October.

Bob (The Rock) was a bullied and awkward kid in the high school he attended with Calvin (Hart) in 1996.  Flash forward 20 years.  These two have not seen one another since.  But they reunite as the 20 year reunion creeps up.

Turns out Bob has grown into this hulking CIA operative who hasn't really grown up emotionally at all.  And he unknowingly enlists Calvin's help in a huge CIA case.  And the laughs are on. And there are some really good laughs here.

These two have a nice chemistry, and look so mismatched on screen, that it works wonderfully.  This is slapstick at times, and action based at times.  This does address an issue or two that has faced this generation as the have grown up, and that works too.  Hart's comedies are always face paced, and for the most part, and relatively clean by today's ever and rapidly changing comedy standards.  This is fun, tidy, and doesn't wear out its welcome.

Central Intelligence. Yes, this is set up for more installments too. Fun, summer fun!


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