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Tuesday, 07 June 2016 10:47

MOVIE REVIEW - Me Before You

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Sometimes a sappy, romantic movie comes along that is exactly the same as all the others. And then there's, Me Before You.


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Based on the incredibly successful book of the same name, this comes to life in a way that Nicolas Sparks wish his gaggle of syrupy books and stories could.  This is NOT a Sparks book, and it's in a league that Sparks could only dream to live.

This is a fictional story of young love, that seems impossible. This is the story of Louisa (Emilia Clarke) and Will (Sam Claflin).  Will is a wildly rich and successful young British man who is struck down in the prime of his life in a motorcycle accident and is now a quadriplegic.  He is angry and lost.  Louisa is a wonderful young British woman from the other side of the tracks as far as Will's family would normally be concerned. She is down on her luck and ends up being hired as Will's personal caregiver by his emotionally distant parents.  Why has this unlikely woman come into these peoples lives?

Lou has no experience whatsoever with this line of work, but learns as she goes. And as you may have figured out, she and Will form a loving bond, that eventually turns into an "in love bond."  But, with all the obstacles in their way, can this possibly work?  And are there other agendas at work here?  This is Me Before You.

This movie has been greeted marginally by the national critics, and I really can't understand that. No, this is not perfect, but this is light years better than any Sparks movie that has ever been made.  This is well thought out, this is well done, and moves along nicely for the most part.  The supporting cast is fine, and the story is one you have not seen before. Plus, this movie is not written for the obligatory signature scene that teens will be talking about in social media for days to come. This is simply a nice movie with a far more adult feel to it. 

The absolute strength of this movie is the wonderful creation of an incredible character in Louisa.  She is amazingly intelligent, fun and quirky, without being obnoxious and that's tough to do as it is a very fine line to walk in a movie making sense. Clarke plays her fantastically and makes you love Louisa, making is easy to see how Will would as well.  You care about Louisa, and are pulling for her, even though you know the journey is borderline impossible.  I always praise movies that introduce us to characters we have not met before in any way, and that's Louisa.  She, and Clarke are terrific, and make this work.

Me Before You.  Well written, well done, and well worth a trip to the movies.


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