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Saturday, 21 May 2016 12:48

MOVIE REVIEW - Neighbors 2

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Seth Rogen and his bunch have a new movie out, and it's a sequel. This is Neighbors 2.  Rated a strong R.

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Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron, and Chloe Grace Moretz star in this comedy that also includes a bunch of cameos by a few others.  This time instead of a frat moving in next door to our new young parents, this time it's a new sorority.  Someone thought this was a good idea. They should never be listened to again in a serious manner.

Besides just not being funny, this is a perfect, and I mean perfect example of a original good idea having nothing new to say that's anywhere near creative.  This is an attempted money grab, that's it.  Being fair, this movie does do a pretty good job at times completely lampooning entire generations, and many times quite effectively.  There are some good laughs in spots.

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But for some reason, Rogen and his humor have become that really awkward coworker you have.  You know, the one who doesn't know when to stop talking.  The guy show doesn't know when the joke is over, and now it's simply uncomfortable, and in most cases exceptionally inappropriate? There are numerous scenes in this that can only be described as the poorest taste imaginable.  And they don't make this a better movie, just a more gross and juvenile one.  This also can be offensive to many, but not to the intended target audience.  There are a ton of really offensive references.

There is no reason to talk about any performances, as the writing and directing is so horrible, no one has a chance to do anything worth remembering. Did the theater laugh at times? Yes, but not near enough.  This really fell flat today. 

Neighbors 2.  This movie tries so hard to be cool, and in the end, it's just not funny


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