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Friday, 29 April 2016 15:52

MOVIE REVIEW - Mothers Day

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Can we just stop with all these kind of movies?  Please, just stop.




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You put a bunch of supposed big name actors together and suddenly you have a great movie right?  Nothing could be further from the truth, and nothing can save one minute of this absolute dry heave of a movie, that eventually does throw up all over itself.  And eventually you.

Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Britt Robertson, Jason Sudeikis, and the list goes on, all star in this piece of junk.  It attempts to bring a few different stories together, and attempts to be topical and contemporary.  And in fairness,  there is a certain amount of realness to some of what modern parents and especially moms go through.  It also tries to be as up to date as possible in its situations, which is commendable. OK, that's enough praise.  Way enough.  None of it makes any difference, there is such a thing as just bad, bad movie making.

This is so terrible, it is shocking this made it all the way to your theater.  The writing is horrific, the acting is insanely bad, and the editing is so incredibly amateurish, it smacks of a high dollar, high school presentation.  This starts off badly, and gets worse with each frame. As bad as New Years Eve, and Valentines Day were, I fear this is the cherry on the sundae, as it's worse than both of them.

This isn't funny, this isn't heartfelt, this isn't anything that is good.  This is simply a waste of about 60  million, our time, the actors time, and your money.  When you see this many "A" listers in a single movie, that they know going in is this bad, it makes you rethink if these actors are actually "A" listers at all - anymore.

Roberts has her Oscar and deserved it, but this movie makes it seem so long ago. Someone please tell Aniston she's not funny, and Hudson she's not either.  Robertson is a fresh young face that I like, and I can't fault her for trying to get her career off the ground.  Sudeikis is completely unbelievable in this and that's being generous.

Mothers Day. Do anything but go and pay money to see this.


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