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Monday, 25 April 2016 10:32

MOVIE REVIEW - Elvis And Nixon

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Here comes a really small movie that certainly isn't for the casual movie goer, but Elvis And Nixon is pretty darn good.  This is in limited release.


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This stars Micheal Shannon (Elvis) and Kevin Spacey (Nixon) and a real nice supporting cast.  This is a straight, understated comedy that is based on an actual event in 1970.  When Elvis went into the oval office for a meeting with the President Nixon.  Elvis, for some reason was infatuated with becoming a "Federal Agent At-Large"  (whatever that means.)  Elvis had a legitimate concern at the time about America's youth and their love affair with drugs. Elvis wants to go undercover to break up the drug rings and wants Nixon to make it happen.

This is the a story of how this meeting came to be.  This is short, to the point and flat our really funny as this travels from truth to absolute absurdity.  And the whole thing kind of was.  Who knows what really happened in the oval office that day, and the days leading up to it. The story is fun to watch.   The meeting between the two is just flat out good movie making.  Shannon and Spacey are simply terrific and are really great together.  This has a nice pace, and is entertaining - every frame.

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. This movie certainly proves that. How is it these two opposites came to bond and found some common ground to spend an afternoon together discussing our nations future.  This is crazy, absurd, and wonderful insight to this really weird couple.

Elvis And Nixon. This is flat out fun.   Good day at the theater.


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