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Sunday, 03 April 2016 10:20

MOVIE REVIEW - Gods Not Dead 2

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The continuing trend of faith based movies from Hollywood continue to do well at the box office and this will be no exception.




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GND2 will find an audience like the first one did.  The original had a measly 2 million dollar budget and brought in over 70 million.  This will be similar. This movie is the story of a middle school teacher, Grace, Melissa Joan Hart and her mistake of mentioning Jesus in her public school classroom as she answered a students honest question.  She is then fired, and is sued in a fictional landmark court case. But this case is based in part, on numerous true cases that are cited country wide at the movies end which gives it credence.  Will her faith pull her through?

This is overall an entertaining movie, but that does have its problems same as the first one. It does provoke thought.  The writing isn't the best, some of this is awkwardly edited, and some of the acting is highly questionable. But much of what is not favorable is in the technical movie making and not the movie itself.  The story is solid.  And it's good to see Hart on the screen.

Melissa Joan Hart is a very likable actress that is always easy to watch on the screen. Regardless of what sometimes swirls around her in her personal life that Hollywood may fall out of favor with, she is always solid on camera. Hart looks like someone you would actually know.  That is a rare and good thing in Hollywood these days.  Her nice, but everyday looks and ways, makes her very welcoming in this movie. That has served her well since she was a childhood actress from the 1990's. She's natural and easy to relate to, and in this role, and she is perfectly cast.  She is completely believable as our embattled teacher. 

The returning cast around her is solid again, and some of the new supporting cast around her is adequate as well, which includes Jessie Metcalf, Pat Boone and others.  Some will have no interest in this and that's fine.  The movies are at their best when there is something for everyone in each auditorium at the movies.

Gods Not Dead 2. This is fine, will find an audience and do well.  It's easy to watch and there will be more in this series.


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