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Thursday, 31 March 2016 02:56

MOVIE REVIEW - Hello, My Name Is Doris

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This is a short, little movie, and so will this review be. Because this is a funny little movie you need to go see.

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Sally Field stars as quirky Doris Miller of New York City.  She is a strange little woman who has lived with her mother her whole life. Doris is about 60ish, and finds herself alone after her mother dies.  She lives in Staten Island, and works in New York at a dead end job.  Buit she takes an interest in a new man who has been transferred into her office.  He is about 25 years younger.

They strike up a friendship, and somehow find common ground to build a friendship. But Doris wants more.  She thinks.  She strays way out of her comfort zone to make herself available to him in his world.  Will this EVER work out?  Is she this wonderfully fun strange little woman?  Or is she simply lonely and out of her mind?  It's close, and she's very fun to get to know.

Sally Field is simply amazing in this wonderfully written role, and gives one of the best performances of her career.  This movie has the strength to create this wonderful character, and great characters all around her, but address many of the tougher issues facing many aging people today.  This movie has a story to tell, tells it, and moves on. Every single decision in the making of this was a good one. It is so nice to see a drama/comedy that is topical, original and just quirky enough to be completely fresh.

Hello, My Name Is Doris.  Simply charming, and great!


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