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Wednesday, 30 March 2016 10:16

MOVIE REVIEW - My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

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The first time you hear a real funny joke, you laugh hard, maybe even hysterically. Then second time, you can't recover that huge laugh.  That's the problem here.

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The original in this franchise was really, really funny.  This is not.  Wow, the first 30 minutes of this is so bad, it's almost walk-out-able.  This is nothing but a series of Greek jokes and cliches that get old right out of the gate - very quickly.  There are some laughs, but mostly this is rehash of stale old hash that once was very tasty.  The entire original cast is back (which is amazing) since it's been about 15 years.  And there is some introducing of new characters, but it doesn't matter.

Here we go again, a wedding in the family and unlike the first, this is boring and flat. It is stunning to me that the makers of this didn't see all of this coming, and have second thoughts. This basically flopped at the box office, and will slip nquietly into Bad Idea Land, where it will lay motionless harmlessly forever. 

MBFGW2 -  Same characters, same jokes, same premise, not the same result. Painful at times.


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