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Saturday, 26 March 2016 10:28

MOVIE REVIEW - Batman V Superman

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Interesting movie to review, because fans of these kind of movies and characters love every frame of this movie before they ever walk into the theater.


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This movie is being met with not so good reviews, and that is apt.  Yes, there are some really cool things about this movie.  I am not bothered by Ben Affleck as Batman. Henry Cavill is fine as  Superman again.  And the supporting cast such as Jessie Eiesenberg, Diane Lane, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, and especially Jeremy Irons are among the best things in this movie.  It's just a shame they couldn't put the cherry on the sundae.

This movie, for the first two hours cruises along and is pretty entertaining and smart. Then at about the 2 hour mark, they dumb this thing down to about a th grade level, and the whole thing not only becomes silly, but actually LOOKS silly.  50 year old Godzilla movies look today about as silly as this does, only the effects are better here because of technology.

Why?  What were they thinking?  The final crescendo is so dumb I forgot I was watching the same movie from the hour previous.  And Wonder Woman  (Gal Gadot)  is introduced here that is no secret. She's beautiful to be sure.  But fighting this possible end of the world battle in virtually no clothes just looked ridiculous, despite her real beauty.  This veers so far into the dumb end of the pool it boggles the mind.

This is set up now for more Justice League movies and there will be more.  Many more.  Hopefully they will keep their thinking caps on till the very end.  This CG fest does have some incredible effects and does have some nice angles to it. But overall, this gets worse as the minutes tick by.

Batman V Superman.  Proof that even a can't miss idea, can be messed up.


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