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Friday, 18 March 2016 02:49

MOVIE REVIEW - Divergent: Allegiant

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Can we just stop this nonsense right now?   Clearly not, there is going to be one more of these.


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The latest in the Divergent series is a great example of a franchise that has gone on too long.  Even the people IN this movie look bored on screen.  They have tried to breathe new life into this by adding bigger name actors in newer roles, but these keep getting worse.  The entire story is not strong enough.  This series is like the obnoxious last guy that won't leave your party after all the great people have left.  In our case, Hunger Games have come and gone, and Divergent simply will not go home.  And is boring you to tears, while you really want to go to bed. This series has been beaten to a pulp and beaten to the punch by many other series.

What they have been able to hide so far, they can't anymore. Shailene Woodley.  She has always been badly miscast in this series. She is a nice young actress, but she has not the screen presence to carry this series. But in fairness, I am not sure anyone can.  I have really liked here in other smaller movies, and that's her strength.  But she's no Jennifer Lawrence, who is a star. Woodley is too small, too meek, and too much of a supporting actress to make this work. They also can't hide the  whole "end of the world" thing being old, and beyond tired.  This is simply a poor man's Hunger Games.  And that's a bad place to be, and not her fault.

They do attempt to answer questions, and some of them are interesting but the payoff so far is not worth it. There is also some of this that looks ridiculous, it looks like Woodley playing dress up, and would someone please show her how to run? It's hard to watch.  Plus, a scene where she shows up guns-a-blazin' near the end is borderline laughable.

Divergent:Allegiant.  The time has come to wrap this up, and let time forget these were ever made, as we watch Hunger Games on cable in the years ahead.


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