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Friday, 11 March 2016 10:50

MOVIE REVIEW - 10 Cloverfield Lane

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This is a terrific movie.  Finally a movie that is no where near believable, but very stirring and suspenseful.


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This downright scary movie stars usually the funnyman  John Goodman, as he very skillfully plays a real creepy psychopath.  His performance is nothing short of amazing here, as you are wondering the whole time how this goofball is going to eventually going to meld in with the original Cloverfield premise from years ago.

Goodman plays Howard.  He is a paranoid retired Navy man who has spent years building this very sophisticated underground fallout shelter on his property in rural Louisiana.  He ends up there with Emmet and Michelle both around 20.  He will not let them escape the shelter as he has them convinced that an invasion or attack of some kind has happened and it is not safe to be outside.  These scenes are well done, creepy, suspenseful and prey on what would actually scare you.

Of course Howard is too creepy to stay cooped up with, and an escape plan is underway, but if they are successful, what will they find outside?  Is Howard right?  Or is he just some pervy nut-job?  This part of the movie is very well done because you really don't know where this is going, or what lies beyond.

Goodman is stellar here, and is in a role you really have not seen him in before.  This is very well written, and does keep you guessing.  It eventually takes you to a nice payoff, and I'll leave it at that.  This is a good afternoon at the movies, and should be a big hit.

10 Cloverfield Lane. Not award show worthy, but finally a scary suspenseful movie that is legit, and very well done.


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