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Tuesday, 15 March 2016 07:28

MOVIE REVIEW - Miracles From Heaven

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Jennifer Garner stars in the new family spiritual drama, Miracles From Heaven new this week.

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It's that time of the year where we get a few movies with this theme, along with some Biblical releases and they generally do well with fans, but many times not so much with critics. This movie is "based on actual events," as most of these are.  And that phrase alone is open to interpretation, but that's OK too.  This deals with a real life little girl who is diagnosed with a basically terminal condition, who needs a miracle to intervene.

Garner stars as a dedicated Texas mother of three young girls, who is married to a veterinarian.  The middle child, Anna becomes horribly ill with a digestive disorder that seemingly has no cure, and no real treatment.  She seeks out the best doctors in the world to try to save Anna.  And just as it seemed all would be lost, Anna has another trauma.  She falls 30 feet into a hollow tree, and is feared dead.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Somehow she is remarkably uninjured and even more so, is cured of her digestive disorder. Anna later claims that she had an out of body experience and is told by God, she will survive and be cured.  Truth be told, Anna still is alive today, 4 years later and is shown with her family at the end of the movie.  Whatever happened -  happened. Something did, she's still here.

This is a spiritual movie to be sure, and yes some of this is poorly written with dialogue that sounds preachy and unnatural.  But the lions share of this is simply a movie. A story playing out for your analyzing without being highly manipulative or deeply agenda laden.  Garner continues to take on roles that are natural to her these days, and big kudos here to Kylie Rogers who plays little Anna and gives a nice performance in a very large role for a kid.  Nice job too from Eugenio Derbez who is Anna's doctor, who does a lot with some mediocre writing of his character.

Miracles From Heaven.  Family movie.  Not everything wins an Oscar, but there's nothing really wrong here.


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