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Wednesday, 02 March 2016 10:46

MOVIE REVIEW - Eddie The Eagle

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It is so good to see a nice movie that is a solid PG-13, made for families, based on a true story and embraced by the national critics.


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I would have no matter what "they" would have said.  This is a pretty good mid-winter movie that will be a very nice day at the movies.  This is based on the amazing an true story of Britain's Eddie Edwards and his ski jumping at the 1988 Calgary Olympics.  For those not around then, Eddie made a big splash as an underdog at the games, and in life.

Taron Egerton stars as the awkward Eddie who enlists the help of an old American, shamed ski jumper, Bronson Peary, skillfully played by Hugh Jackman.  Eddie defies all odds and somehow makes it to Calgary overcoming the obstacles posed by life, by time and even by his own country.

They don't make a lot of movies about ski jumping, and that was a big enough challenge in itself.  This is done very well, in every regard.  This is filmed wonderfully, written well, and our main performances are terrific.  This will be a nice memory if you can recall Calgary 1988, and a wonderful learning tool if you do not.  True stories are always fun to tell, especially when we revisit something worth remembering.

Eddie The Eagle.  Very well done. 


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