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Friday, 26 February 2016 10:30

MOVIE REVIEWS - In Theaters Now

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The Oscars are this weekend, and maybe you want to take in a movie.  Let's look at some of your choices.

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Brand New 

Gods Of Egypt 

Here we go again.  Another big CG, half video game, half movie. This looks painfully like 300 from years ago, and even stars Gerard Butler.  It's getting slaughtered by national critics, and looks amazingly unoriginal.


Eddie The Eagle

Based on a true story from the Calgary Olympics of a British ski jumper that caused a real stink as his own country bans him from competing.  This is the story of his journey to the Olympics and at the Olympics.  Hugh Jackman again in a real heartfelt spring sports movie that has become his staple.


Out A Week


Sports movie based on the true story of Clevelander Jessie Owens and his journey to Ohio State and his trip to his historic performance in the 1936 Olympics as he humiliated Adolph Hitler and his Nazi team.  A story this important, and a true performance this amazing, certainly deserved a far better movie than this.  Too long, badly cast, and fails to capture the importance of what was happening outside of sports as it should have.


Joseph Fiennes stars in the first Biblical type of movie out this Easter season.  He is terrific as a non-believer in the actual resurrection.  This is well told, non preachy, and really has no agenda.  It lets you try to comprehend what is happening in front of you through the eyes of someone struggling to grasp the then, unbelievable.  Well done, and quite entertaining.  The star of this movie is the writing.

Also Out

Kung Fu Panda  3

The Revenent


The Witch


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