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Sunday, 21 February 2016 10:24


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Here comes a supernatural horror movie set long ago.  The Witch, critics are loving it, audiences are ehh on it.


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The Witch is a period piece dating back to the hysteria over the Salem Witch days. This large family is banished from the town they were living in, and strike out on their own to start a new life in seclusion.  Then one by one the children start to disappear mysteriously.  The parents begin to think their oldest daughter who is a teen, Thomison is a witch. Are they right?  Being honest, who really cares?

This is a movie that supposedly is based on actual events, and diaries, with quoted dialogue from records uncovered.  The problem is, the spoken words are so thick with dialect and old language styling it is very difficult to understand fully what is being said.  Plus, much of this is simply rehashing dialogue that has already been spoken time and time again. 

This is supposed to be compelling, and scary but it's not.  It's simply fatiguing and borderline arduous to get through at times, with no real payoff that many will be satisfied with.  The sets and costuming are great though as it does propel you back to a time we seldom go to in the movies.  But it can't save it. The language barrier, the lack of payoff and the insanely irritating music is too much to overcome.

The Witch.  Not so good.


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